West Cork History

The Commission was investigating the state of the fishing industry on the south west coast.  One of the Commissioners was Redmond Barry, an inspector of fisheries.  He was a small landlord, a Catholic  from Glandore who worked tirelessly to improve agricultural and general condition in the area.

Among those who gave evidence was John Young then 87 whose family had been extensively involved in the industry.  There were a number of seine owners and owners of a hooker. The Youngs had been involved in fishing in Bantry for generations and Richard Young gave evidence that his great grandfather had lost £2,000 when a Finance House in Bilbao had collapsed. This may have been the Consulado de Bilbao in 1651

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Timothy O’Donovan, a small landlord and Magistrate of O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus, gave a written submission on the futility of certain controls as not being effective and only…

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