Robert Sullivan/O’Sullivan, Tedagh, Parish of Durrus, Bantry, to New Orleans, 1845.

This complicated land deed shows Robert Sullivan and the name Pattison in New Orleans occurs also a Bantry name.

Robert is a descendant of Michael O’Sullivan a Land Holder and Heart Tax Collector reputed to be a descendant of O’Sullivan Bere. He married Mary Vickery of Whiddy Island 1777 all the children were brought up in the Church of Ireland, there are an enormous number of descendants worldwide.

An associated family the Vickeries originally from Rooska moved to Reendonegan c 1840 and the entire family emigrated to the USA via New Orleans in 1850 ten in number.  They settled in Evanstown Ohio having come up the Mississippi.  Included was the oldest daughter who had married Warner adn gave birth on the 6 week voyage.

Prior to the US Civil War new Orleans was a major destination for the Irish.