There is a very substantial number of buildings, at the old O’Sullivan (Hurrig) farm in Tedagh, Parish of Durrus.  ‘Big Jim’ of the family sold and left for East Cork c 1959.   The family who make ‘Tedagh Candles’ lived there until the 1970s after which time the house and building were abandoned.  Now they are falling prey to Japanese Knotweed and forestry.

The newer of these was last lived in late 1940s when the farm was purchased by Johonny Love or the older farmhouse in ruins at the back.   The bog at Aghagoheen/Clonee nearby is almost depleted but there is still plenty of bog oak exposed on high ground.



A Good Sheltry Farm gone to Forestry, Upper Tedagh, Durrus/Bantry,Homeplace of Sullivan/O’Sullivan family (Hurrigs), some claim Descent from O’Sullivan Bere from 1777 marriage of Michael Sullivan with Mary Vickery and some property dealings of the family.

The last of the family to live there was ‘Big Jim’ who moved to Glenville, East Cork c 1957.   This branch of the O’Sullivans descend from the 1777 marriage of Michael Sullivan who was a Heart Tax Collector, and had an interest in various lots of land to Mary Vickery of Rooska.

Other O’Sullivans were in the late 18th and early 19th century Baronial Constables even though Catholic for the Baronies of bantry and Bre.  This was not a police position but involved the collection of cess a local tax for which they received a poundage of 4% as well as other local taxes.  They employed a whole paraphernalia of bailiffs and drivers (who seized cattle for no payment) Thus Michael Sullivan was probably connection with this extended family.

Large areas of land are going over to forestry in response to the economic challenges facing farmers.  It is ironic that this and many like it were carved out of inhospitable terrain over many generations.

There are an enormous number of descendant worldwide.  The family has been extensively researched and DNA testing is showing even more links.