1905 Valuer’s Report on Estate of Lord (Charles Pelham) Clinton, Crookhaven, West Cork 1905, Crookhaven formerly flourishing, Pilot Station, Fishing even the Isle of Man Fleet now gone, all now passed, Evidence of Want Of Circulation of Money, Copper Mine and Slate Quarry now Closed, Large Areas Quite Unprofitable, on Closed Examination Fertile Patches Between Rocks, Tenants Comfortable Many Houses Slated, Early Potatoes, Favourable Climate Produces Early Grass, Provider Scare in in Winter, Milch Cows of a Poor Description.

At the time the estate was subject to a significant mortgage to a British Insurance Company and presumably the report was commissioned to explore options. In the end the tenants acquire their holdings.

In former times Crookhaven was a major shipping center with ships stopping to take on supplies.