Irish Methodist Genealogy

Howell Powell was born in Derbyshire in 1730 but came to Cork early in life. We are told from his diary (the whereabouts of which is now, unfortunately, unknown) about his rapid progress in the Bandon Methodist Society.

“Tuesday, July 11th, 1758. This day the Rev. Mr. John Wesley came to Bandon; this was the first time I saw him; in the evening he preached on Psalm xxxiv. 8 ………

Thursday, July 13th. I resolved by the grace and permission of God, to join the Society in Bandon ……..

Friday, I joined the Society, and in the evening was nominated as leader ……..

Saturday, was appointed leader.”

Thus began a life-long friendship with John Wesley and an attachment to Methodism which appears to have continued until his death at the age of ninety.

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