Conversions among Catholic Lawyers to the Church of Ireland, 1704-1778. Official concern about ‘Catholic Wives’ 1714, Two thirds of the Business of the Four Courts consists of Popish Discoveries 1723, Andrew Arcedeckne (b Kilkenny 1691) Attorney General Jamaica 1716-7. Dennis Kelly Chief Justice, Jamaica Bryan Finucane Co. Clare Chief Justice, Nova Scotia 1776, Richard J Uniacke, Co. Cork, Solicitor General, Nova Scotia to 1830, Edward Savage, Co. Down Judge South Carolina after 1765.

The early convertees were probably nominal and those who achieved high Judicial office abroad often used their position to subvert the British interestand promote their fellow country men.

From T.P.Power article in ‘Brehons, Sergeants and Attorneys, irish Academic Press 1990

Conversions in Legal Profession

Some Cork Lawyers: