1741 Deed of contemplated Marriage Rooska, Barony of Bantry and Bere, West Cork, names mentioned Varian, Vickery, Baker, Denis, Ferguson. The deed is referred to in a later deed of 1790 sworn in Cork. These deeds were located by Ron Price (historian of the Sullivan/Vickery family) in Belfast in the PRO microfilm of the Registry of Deeds, Dublin records.

They would seems to cast doubt on the theory that the Bantry Vickery family originated with two brothers shipwrecked or at least put the shipwreck a generation back.  The brothers may still have been shipwrecked but returning to their homeplace.

The names referred to are the Varians of Rooska, Richard son of Richard was marrying 1741 Grace Ferguson daughter of John Ferguson of Four Mile Water (Durrus). The Fergusons were either in Clashadoo or Coomkeen and the name features even in the 1938 Durrus School Folklore Project as one of the family with a horse clearing the Police Pound. There is a grave in the old Moulivard cemetery of Ferguson/Sullivan.  The Fergusons had  branch  in Droumregh 1790s as they are listed in the spinning wheel lists.  They list their interest in  the Durrus Clashadoo lands as the basis for voting in the 1820s.


There are a lot of Fergusons in the Durrus Catholic records from 1820 mostly in townlands abuttting Clasadoo. It may be that one of the sons married a Catholic from which the line descends.

The marriage took place in 1745 according to the marriage Licence Bonds.

The Bakers were common name in Rooska the townland mentioned may be an old one for the area.

The later deed of 1791 where the Denis are mentioned is signed in Cork. The Denises were in Rooska, a famous poet Charlie Denis died c 1960 and Paddy O’Keeffe in Bantry had a lot of his poems now in the Cork Archive.  There is alos  legal dynasty of the Denis family in Kinsale.

The Bantry Estate papers have the various names as Rooska was owned by the Whites Lord Bantry.

In relation to the Varians there is a posting on ancestry of a marriage at Rooska between George Varian and Grace Daly he was born in 1795.   The younger children wee born in Rossmore,  Kilmeen Parish (Clonakilty District) but most of the family emigrated to Hastings, Minnesota in the 1850s.   Children’s names include, Mary, Sarah, Ann, Margaret, Frances, Eliza, Ann, William, Philip, Young (also a common Christian name in Swantons) Richard.


1788 James Ferguson Possibly Clashadoo Son of John farmer Bantry Estate lease 1812 names James Ferguson aged 24 son of John farmer, Four Mile Water, James Edward Sullivan aged 7 Park Place, Bantry, George Varian about 15 son of Richard Varian, Rooska, Letitia Ferguson wife of James Ferguson, Bantry, died 1867, Canada, British Regimental Register of service 1756-1900 re Varian http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/h/a/a/John-S-Haase/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0673.html



On ancestry it is suggested that the Varian family of brush makers in Cork and Dublin came from Drimoleague but Rooska before that.  The Crostons a family of poor weavers emigrated from Reennagapall, Kilcrohane/Ahakista to Rochesterr, New York 1854.  One became a very wealthy real estate developer.  Either he or his brother while young worked for the Varian family again brush maker in Rochester.




Type of deed Date of current deed 13 Aug 1790 Vol Page Memorial
Articles of Intermarriage Date of earlier deed 416 185 276801
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
A P1 VICKERY James of Rouska, Co Cork Gent, son of B
B P2 VICKERY John of Rouska, Co Cork the elder
C P3 WARNER Ellen of Upper Gurteen daughter of D
D P4 WARNER William of Upper Gurteen the elder A
E O VERIN[VARIAN] Richard of Rouska, Co Cork
F WD WM WARNER John of Blackrock, Co Cork Farmer A
G WD WM WARNER William of son of D A
Abstract MS A + C; B passed to A his right to 2 gneeves of Rouska in occupation of B + 2 gneeves of Rouska in occupation of E
MS MS Date registered Aug 1790 Date abstract added 20110608

Abstract made by: Ron Price

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