County of Corke [Cork?]
A List of several convict felons and vagabonds ordered for
transportation, for whom money was raised on the said County, and
the several sums raised for that purpose for these seven years last
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The respective Names of convicts Sums raised and to l.
assizes felons and vaga- whom ordered
bonds ordered for
Lent assizes.
24th March, 1736 John Dawley |
Cornelius Coughlan |
Richard Hagarty |
John Street | Seventy pounds to
Honor Crotty > William Delaboide 70
John Shaggareen |
als. Berry |
James English |
John Sullivan |

Daniel Crowley |
Timothy Duane |
Joanna Carthy | Seventy pounds to
Charles Crowley > William Delaboide 70
John Connor |
Dennis Sullivan |
otherwise Cullitagh|
Same assizes William Connor > Eight pounds to
Patrick Roach > William Sweet 8

Summer assizes No money presented
1st August 1737
Lent assizes No money presented
18th March 1737-8 Timothy Carthy |
Summer assizes. Owen Sheehy |
25th July 1738 Bartholomew Garalaght |
John Bryan | Fifty-four pounds
Patrick Gould > to William Sullivan 54
Thomas Walsh |
Timothy Shea |
Samuel Price |
Michael Nunane |
Same assizes John Bennet Four pounds to
Mary Fitzgerald Samuel Lowthen 4
Lent assizes Timothy Connell
10th April 1739 John Murphy
Lent assizes Mary Bryan | Twenty-one pounds to
John Murhahy | Robert Williamson for
Robert Morcarty > these and foregoing
James Kelly | three 21
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Same assizes Philip Hauraham | Twelve pounds to
James Pickett > John Baldwin 12
William Roach |

Summer assizes No money presented
16th August 1739
Lent assizes No money presented
22nd March 1739-40
Summer assizes No money presented
29th July 1740
Lent assizes No money presented
17th March 1740
Summer assizes James Kelly
27th July 1741 John Harrington
Mary Fitzgerald
Dennis Carty
Summer assizes Catherine Hamilton |
27th July 1741 Teigue Bryen |
John Ryan |
Peter Murphy |
Daniel Cullane |
Timothy Connell | Fifty-four pounds to
John Murphy | Robert Williamson for
Margaret Crimmeen > those and the four
Matthew Bright | foregoing 54
John Merrihy |
Mary Bryan |
John Lemmee |
Robert Moriarty |
Darby Murphy |

Same assizes Margaret Sullivan |
Thomas Adams |
James Mahony |
Darby Driscoll |
John Carthy |
Timothy Leary |
John Sullivan |
Nathaniel Williams > Fifty pounds to ditto 50
Pierce Butler |
Chatherine Barrett |
Philip Murphy |
John Smith |
Cornelius Crimmeen |
John Long |
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Lent assizes Timothy Murphy |
31st March 1742 David Dillane |
Richard Hennesy |
Catherine Buchilly |
Joan Nihane | One hundred and
Malachi Madden | fifty-five pounds to
Daniel Hagarty | Robert Travers for
James Connell other-| these and the
wise John Sheehan > fifteen following 155
Dennis Crowley |
Edmund Mulcahy |
Owen Hickey |
Daniel Murphy |
John Shealy |
William Johnson |
Timothy Dawly |
Michael Forrest |
Lent assizes Teigue Murphy
31st March 1742 Charles Regan
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Donovan
Michael Coskry
John Sheelan
Dennis Mullane
Michael Murphy
Dennis Commane
Dennis Bryen
John Roache
Thomas Sheehan
Maurice Spillane
Timothy Coskry
John Bourke
Summer assizes
20th August 1742 No money presented
Lent assizes Darby Mahony |
18th March 1742-3 Dennis Driscoll |
Patrick Sheehan |
Ellenor Sullivan |
Cornelins Donahoe |
. Daniel Scannell |
John Connor | Sixty pounds to
Timothy Regan > Robert Williamson 60
Timothy Donohoe |
David Condon |
Timothy Carroll |
John Ronan |

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Michael Holland |
Thomas Fitzgerald |
Patrick Rayne |

Summer assizes Patrick Lynchy |
9th August 1743 Cornelius Grany |
Maurice Killigott |
John Connor |
Patrick Lewis |
Daniel Bryan | Eighty pounds to
Darby Collins | Robert Williamson for
John Barry > these and the six
John Donoghoe | following 80
Nicholas Kearny |
Julian Murphy |
Ellenor Cahane |
Ellenor Roache |
Elizabeth Ivers |
Summer assizes Catherine Sullivan
9th August 1743 Margaret Linnahane
Ellenor Ginnanane
Margaret Jones
Catherine Harrington
Mary Shannahane
Total 566

County of Corke I Certify that this is a true list of all convict
[Cork?], To wit. felons and vagabonds ordered for transportation
for these seven years last past, and that the
sums in said list were raised for those purposes.
Dated this thirteenth day of December 1743.
John Purdon, Clk. Cor.

City and County of the City of Corke [Cork?]

A List of all convict felons and vagabonds who have been ordered
transportation in and for the City of Corke [Cork?] for these
seven years last past, with an account of what money hath been
raised for those purposes.

At a general assizes and William Knockins > Presented
general goal delivery held Ann Mc. Daniell > as vagabonds
for the County of said
City the twenty-fifth of
August 1736.
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Elizabeth Keeff |
otherwise | At the same assizes the sum
Lynchy | of twelve pounds was raised
Julian Croneen | Convict and ordered to be paid to
James Barrett > Felons John Baldwin, Esq., for
Darby Lyne | transporting to America
Tim. Sullivan | Winnefred Kelly, Miles
otherwise | Sweeny and Dennis Mahony
Randam | otherwise Saxon, felons
convicted at the last
John Collins | assizes.
William | Presented
Fitzgerald | by the At an assizes held the
Dan. Hennelly > grand jury sixteenth of August 1739.
otherwise Duff | as
Susanna Crowly | vagabonds Maurice Heas | Convict
Timothy Deashiah > felons
At the same assizes, the sum Ellenor Mohony |
of thirty pounds was raised Mary Ryan other- |
and ordered to be paid for wise Sweeny | Presented
William Delahoide for Margaret > as
transporting to America John Fitzgerald | vagabonds
Fitzgerald, James Murphy, otherwise Ryan |
Daniel Donovan, Margaret Patrick Ryan |
Donohoe, Joan Croneen other- William Ryan |
wise Murphy and Thomas Dyer
otherwise John Keef, six At an assizes held the twenty-
felons convicted at a former second of March 1739
At a Sessions of Oyer and Margaret Hurly |
Terminer held for the George Armstrong | Convict
County of said City the William Sexton > felons
eighteenth of November 1736. Florence Carthy |
Elizabeth Carroll|
John Vaughan |
Mary Bastard | John Boyle | Presented
Jane Carroll | otherwise Bryan > as
Mary Minister | John Finally | vagabonds
John Godfrey |
otherwise | At the same assizes the sum of
Magrath | thirty-nine pounds was raised
Rickard Donovan | Felons and ordered to be paid to
Ann Murphy > convict Robert Williamson for trans-
otherwise | porting to America Timothy
Lombard | Denashiah, Mary Ryan, Margaret
Julian Sullivan | Ryan, William Ryan, Maurice Heas,
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Michael | Ellenor Mahony, William
otherwise | Knockins, Mary Harrington, Rose
William Kent | Nagle, Cornelius Donoghoe,
John Murphy | Thomas Keareen, John Kelly and
William Fitzgerald, felons and
Bryan Carrick | Presented vagabonds under rules of
Darby Clearly > as transportation.
| Vagabonds
At an assizes held the twenty-
At an assizes held the ninth of July 1740.
twenty-fourth of March 1736.
Owen Callaghan | Convict
Maurice Bryan | Call. Mc. Callaghan > felons
otherwise Gillane| Joan Lynch |
Philip Daunt the |
elder | Felons Joan Coleman | Presented
Phil. Daunt the > convict Richard Seehane > as
younger | Thomas Healy | vagabonds
Mary Daunt |
Dennis Kelly | At an assizes held the seventeenth
of March 1740.
The same assizes the sum of
seventy three pounds ten Catherine Sweeny, Ellenor Kealiner,
shillings was raised and Elizabeth Murphy, Honor Cavenagh,
ordered to be paid to otherwise Welsh, Honor Scannell,
William Delahoide for trans- Ellenor Magher, Mary Hickey other-
porting to America Mary wise Meany, otherwise Jane Hicks,
Bastard, Mary Minister, John Julian Purcell.
Godfrey otherwise Magrath,
Rickard Donovan, Julian All being in custody under
Croneen, James Barrot, sentence of death for divers
Darby Lyne, Timothy felonies by them committed, and
Sullivan otherwise being reprieved for several years
Randam, William past, at this assizes, severally
Fitzgerald, John Crawly, pleaded his Majesty’s pardon
Bridget Kennelly, Michael conditionally to be transported,
Eyers, Daniel Kennelly, John and they were ordered to be trans-
Collins, Susannah Crowly, ported accordingly.
William Lyne otherwise Lyons
Henry Jacques, John Sullivan, Michael Collins |
Ann Murphy, otherwise Morgan Gallery > Convict
Lombard, Julian Sullivan Lewis Leary | felons
and Michael, otherwise
William Kent, twenty-one Garret Connor |
felons and vagabonds. otherwise Bane | Convict
John Lee > felons
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At an assizes held the Margaret Bush |
first of August 1737.
Margaret Healy | Presented
John Mortimore | Presented otherwise Bryan > as
James Twomey | as Roger Connor | vagabonds
George Stanley > vagabonds
Mary Guily | At the same assizes the sum of
thirty-five pounds were raised and
At the same assizes the sum ordered to be paid to George Fuller
of three pounds ten the younger and William Clarke,
shillings was raised and Esqs. Sheriffs, for transporting
ordered to be paid to John to America, Ellenor Kealiher,
Baldwin for transporting Elizabeth Murphy, Honor Cavenagh,
to America Maurice Bryan, otherwise Welsh, Honor Scannell,
otherwise Gillane, a felon Ellenor Magher, Mary Hickey
convicted at the last otherwise Meany otherwise Jane
assizes, and seventeen Hicks and Julian Purcell, felons
pounds ten shillings under rules of transportation.
raised to be paid William
Delahoide for transporting At an assizes held the twenty-
Bryan Carrick, Phil. seventh of July, 1741.
[Philip?] Daunt the elder
and younger, and Mary Maurice Fitzgerald > Convict
Daunt and Dennis Kelly Ellenor Dawley > felons
Owen Culloghty |
otherwise Kilty | Presented
At an assizes held the John Scannel the elder > as
eighteenth of March 1737. John Scannel the young-| vagabonds
er |
George Austen |
| Convicted Patrick Raines |
Catherine | of Perjury At the same assizes the sum of three
the wife of | and pounds was raised and ordered to be
James Murphy > ordered to paid George Fuller the younger, Esq.,
| be trans- one of the Sheriffs, for transporting
| ported to America Catherine Sweeny who was
under the rule of transportation, and
Barbara Bourke> Convict and also the sum of seventy-five pounds
Joan Browne > felons sterling, was presented and ordered to
be paid Robert Williamson, for trans-
Patrick Byrne | porting to America Michael Collins,
Joan Wheeler | Lewis Leary, Garret Connor, John Lee,
James Barron | Presented Roger Connor, Cornelius Sheehan,
Ellen Connor > as Margaret Bryan, Margaret Bourke,
otherwise | vagabonds Morgan Gallery, Cornelius Donaghoe,
Reaper | Thomas Keareen, John Kelly, William

#PAGE 22
Joan Lynchy | Fitzgerald, Owen Callaghan,
Callaghan MacCallaghan, Joan Lynch,
At the same assizes the sum John Coleman, Richard Sheehane,
of fourteen pounds was William Sexton, Elizabeth Carroll,
raised and ordered to be Joan Field, Margaret Hurly, John
paid to William Rickotts Bryan, George Armstrong and
for transporting to America Florence Carthy, who were under
John Murphy, John Vaughan, rules of transportation.
George Stanley and Mary At an assizes held the thirty-first
Guily, four felons and of March 1742.
vagabonds under rules of Jeremiah Mahony |
transportation. Cat.Dogherty other-|
wise Prendergast |
Bridget Clarke | Convict
At an assizes held the James Shinnick > felons
twenty-fifth of July 1738. John Shinnick |
Dennis Mc. Carthy |
Charles Carthy |
Den. Mahony |
otherwise | Convict John Hennessy |
Saxon > felons Barthol. Bourke | Presented
Winifred Kelly| Edmond Keane > as
Miles Sweeny | Darby Madden | vagabonds
Charles Sullivan |
John Parker | Presented Richard Flemming |
otherwise > as a Mary Benson |
Flanagan | vagabond At the same assizes the sum of
twenty-eight pounds was raised and
At the same assizes the sum ordered to be paid to Robert
thirteen pounds fifteen Travers. Esq., for transporting to
shillings was raised and America John Scannell the elder,
ordered to be paid to John Scannel the younger, Owen
Horatio Townsend Esq., for Culloghty, George Austin, Pat. Raines,
transporting to America, Maurice Fitzgerald and Ellenor Dawley,
Barbara Bourke, Joan were under rules for transportation.
Browne, Catherine the At an assizes held the sixteenth
wife of James Murphy, of August 1742.
James Barron and Patrick John Lynchy | Convict
Byrn, under rules of James Bryan other-> felons
transportation the last wise Sowny |
assizes. John Dawly |
John Mahony > Presented as
At an assizes held the > a vagabond
tenth of April 1739. At the same assizes the sum of fifty-
six pounds was raised and ordered to
Mary Harrington| be paid to Robert Travers, Esq., for
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Rose Nagle | transporting to America, [. . . torn]
Cornelius | Convict Mahony, Catherine Doherty, otherwise
Donoghoe > felons Prendergast, Bridget Clarke, James
Thomas Keareen | Shinnick, John Shinnick, Dennis
John Kelly | McCarthy, Charles Carthy, John
William | Hennessy, Barth. Bourke, Edmond Keane,
Fitzgerald | Richard Flemming, Charles Sullivan,
Darby Madden and Mary Benson, who
were under rules of transportation.
At an assizes held he eighteenth of
[NEXT COLUMN] March 1742.
John Dwyer convict felon
Barthol. Kelly |
Anstace Owens |
otherwise Gow | Presented as
Margaret Middleton> vagabonds
otherwise Barrett |
John Croneen |
John Ryan |
John Darrag |
At an assizes held the ninth of
August 1743.
John Macknamara |
Philip Corkeran | Convict
Joan Barrett > felons
Catherine Lycett |
At the same assizes the sum of
twenty-four pounds was raised and
ordered to be paid to Robert
Williamson for transporting to
America, John Mahony, John Dawly,
John Dwyer, James Bryan, John
Lynchy and John Murphy, who
were ordered to be transported
at a former assizes.

County of the Russell Wood, gentleman, deputy Clerk of the
City of Corke Crown of the City of Corke [Cork?], this day
hath made diligent search amongst the records
of the Crown office of the said City, and that the foregoing
list is, to the best of his judgment and belief, a true and
full list of all and every the convict felons and vagabonds
who have been ordered for transportation within the said City
for these seven years past, with a true and full account of
what money hath been raised for those purposes.
Sworn before me at the City of Corke [Cork?] the

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twenty-ninth day of November, 1743.
Randall Westtrop, Mayor.