EMIGRANTS to SPAIN. MS 601, p. 235 1602

These documents are held at Lambeth Palace Library

Former reference: MS 601, p. 235

4 Pages.

Supplementary information: Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. IV, document 205.

Related information: Pacata Hibernia, p. 424.

“Anno 1601. A List of the Names of so many of the Irish as have shipped themselves for Spain forth of Munster, since December 1601, besides divers depending upon these, and many others whose names I know not.”
From Castlehaven in December 1601 with the Adelantado, O’Donnel, Redmond Bourke, Hugh Mostian, and their train, the number whereof I know not.
O’Sulyvan Beare’s son, and with him one Traunt of the Dingle from Beare-haven, in February 1601[-2].
Donnel, son to Sir Fynnen O’Driscoyle, from Castlehaven with the Veedor Pedro Lopes de Soto.
From Kinsale with Don John in March 1601:–Teige MacDonnell ne Countey, a cousin-germain to Cormack Mac Dermonde, Lord of Muskrie; William McShane, the Seneschal’s son of Imokelly; Dermot McConougher O’Driscoyle, of Castlehaven, with his brother and son; Thomas O’M[o]rhine, alias Thomas Keagh McEdmond, of Muskerry, a horseman (his father is with O’Callaughann); Richard Myagh, son and heir to James Myagh, of Kinsale; Domynicke White, of Kinsale, a carpenter’s son; Melaughlin More, of Kinsale, born in Connought; Conoughor O’Menone, of Kinsale, born there; Edmond McThomas, of Kinsale; Dermot McShane, of Kinsale; Donough Deasagh, of Kinsale; Andrew Butler, born at Galway, a kearne; William Butler, brother to Andrew, a kearne; Mahowne McDonnough O’Lyne, dwelling under Barry Oge; Dermot McOwen, a shot; David Fitz Garrat Barry, his wife and children, dwelling at Rincorran in Barry Oge’s country; Garrot, Nicholas, John, and David Oge Barry, sons to David FitzGerrat Barry abovesaid; William Hartluge, of Rincorran; John Hartluge, son to William; Dermot Oge O’Sulyvane, of Rincorran; Dermot O’Griffen, of Rincorran; John McDonnell Keady, of Rincorran; Dermot McDonnell Keady, brother to John; Morris Roche Fitz John, of Ellenfinchtowne in Kynallea; John FitzJohn Roche, a brother to Morrice; Conougher McDonnough, of Rathmore in Kynallea; Donnell Gowe, a Connoughtman, dwelling at Rathmore; Hugh O’Healy, a Connoughtman; Donnoug Moel McEnestlis, Dermot Moel McCartie’s man; Owen McDonnough McFynnen Cartie, of Currowrane, Donnel Oge McDonnel McFynnen McCarty, brother to Don Carlos Carty, slain at Kinsale; Fynnen Oge Cartye, brother also to Don Carlos; Conougher O’Cullenane, of Rathmore in Kynalea; Donnell O’Griffen, of the same; William McCormock, Dermot McShane, Edmond O’Lavien, William McRichard, and Cormocke O’Lanehie, all Connoughtmen; Dermot Deasagh, of Carbry; Dermot O’Longie, of Muskry; Richard Gogaine FitzPhilip, of Barnehelly in Kyrrywhirry; Fynnen McDonnough Cartie, a cousin to Don Carlos; Dermott McFynnen Carty, of Skeath in Carbry, and Donnell McFynnen Carty, of the same, brothers; Donnell McTeige Carty, of the same; David Skemnehan, of Rincorran; John McDermott McShane, a Connoughtman; Dermot MacShane, a Connoughtman; Cormocke, the Lord President’s footman, of the Birnes in Leinster; William McShane, of Rathmore in the county of Lymericke; Donnell McShane O’Cullenan, of Rathmore in Kynallea; John Oge O’Lensy, a Connoughtman; Teige Walsh, alias Teige Brennagh; Cormocke McDonnough ne Mroen O’Riordane, Dermot McDonnough ne Mroen O’Riordane, and Owen McDonnough ne Mroen O’Riordane, all of Muskerry, brothers; Donnell McShane O’Riordane, of Muskerry; John Feild FitzMorrice, of Tracton Abbey; John Roe McWilliam, of the county of Lymericke; Donnell O’Sisnane, of Kinsale; Teig O’Sisnane, son to Donnell;–Hugh Lassye, Walter Lea, of Kilkenny, Richard Stacboll, and one FitzJames, a pensioner, who came with Don Juan to Kinsale, and returned thence again with him.
From Ardea, in the Patache, the 7th of June 1602:–Donnough, bastard brother to Florence McCarty; Donough McMahon O’Bryan McEnaspicke, of Tomond; Bryan O’Kelly, a captain of Bowines, and a Connoughtman.
With Connor O’Driscoyle and James Archer, the 6th of July 1602:–Connor O’Driscoyle, eldest son to Sir Fynnen O’Driscoyle; James Archer, Jesuit; Colly McSwyny McEdmond, of the McSwynes, of Carbry (his son Owen was hanged at Donboye, in June 1602); Cormock McDonnough, Vic Donnell Rabbing, one of the Carties; Donoug McConnor Vic Vic Donnough, of Glanbarathaine, (in English called Castellhaven, and owner of it; he is of the O’Drischalls); Donnell McConnor Vic Dermodi O’Driscoyle; McCon McIffie O’Driscoyle, Teige McIffie O’Driscoyle, and Moriertaugh McIffie O’Driscoyle, brothers; Dermod McConnor Vic Dounes, of Kilkoe, one of the Carties, and Conor Oge, of the same, brothers; Shane McDermody Iholoughane, of Bantry; Shane McGyllycuddy Iholoughane, of Beare; Teige Oge, ne Mocklaughe, one of the Carties, and Owen McTeige ne Mocklaughe, brothers; Fynnen McBrowne, one of the O’Driscoyles; Connor O’Mahowny, of Lenicon Lemcon Schull), one of the O’Mahons of Ivaghe, one of the sons of Gulleduffe of Cleare, one of the O’Driscoyles; Dermott Oge McDermody O’Driscoyle; Connor McFynnen Roe, of Bonnane in Bantry; Terlaugh, son to Teige Keagh McMahowny, of Thomond (he slew his father when Donboy was besieged; his lands her Majesty hath given to the Earl of Thomond’s brother); Shane O’Kahan, of Thomonde; Dowaltaugh McMorrough I Corromaine, a foster-brother to O’Donnell, and an Ulsterman; Ellyne ny Donnough, late wife to Dermot Moel McCartie, brother to Florence McCartie in the Tower; Fynnen Kearigh, of the Fyall, one of the Carties; Dermot McShanaughane, a Rymer; Gulleduffe, a Thomondeman; two soldiers of Thomonde, whose names not known, but serving under Connor O’Driscoyle; David McShane, servant to James Archer, the Jesuit (son to John Rice, of the Dingle); Shane McDermody Vic Donnough Oge I Cullaine, Archer’s boy; Connor Oge O’Driscoyle, son and heir to Connor, son to Fitz Fynnen (nine years of age); Thomas, son and heir to the Knight of the Valley (14 years old); Donnell O’Mahowny, a mariner that came in company with Owen McEigan; five Frenchmen that were taken by Teige Keagh McMahowny, when he took the ship and merchant of Galway.
Signed: George Carew.
At the end in Carew’s hand:–This note was sent into England to the Lords of the Council by Sir George Carew, knight, Lord President of Mounster.