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This list comes mainly from the online catalogue of the Bntry House papers held in University College Cork, Boole Library with some from the Paddy O’Keeffe (Bantry businessman and historian) in the Cork Archives.

Occupations Bantry

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The National Archives in Dublin have two rent books from the Bantry Estate dating from the 1780s (ref MS. 5944 and 5955).  These contain details of tenancies and tenants in the Bantry and Beara areas.  Quite a numbe of the tenants are of the O’Sullivan family and would be in the category of middle-men.




Date Name Occupation Place Bantry except where otherwise indicated

1565 Sir Owen O’Sullivan Landowner Granted Whiddy Island by crown, Paddy O’Keeffe papers.§
1591 Hugo Brightoy and James ~Derbyshire Fishery owners Whiddy Island Took a mortgage from Sir Owen O’Sullivan and his son Owen O’Sullivan mentioned in Paddy O”Keeffe papers Cork Archive.
1608 Edward Davenant (d. 1639) Fishery Proprietor (with John Snelling d. 1626) Holder of lease of 31 years believed to be from Owen O’Sullivan Downaboy of lands at Seskin, Ballegobbane and Caherdonly from Paddy O’Keeffe papers in Cork Archive
1728 Hugh Hutchinson Mentioned in deed Blackrock
Richard Goodwin Comholly
John Williams
Theophilius Hutchinson
Robert Lantoy Goodwin
1730 George Murray In deed
1744 William Blair In deed from William Annesly to Richard White
1746 Charles Thomas
1746 William Blatchford Victualler and Cooper
1754 Richard Blair In deed
1754 John Goodwin Apotherary
1755 Robert Young Merchant
1755 Thomas and John Murray Weavers
1756 Robert Collins Joyner
1769 Richard Spenser Weaver
1773 John Clerke Clothier and Post-Master
1786 John Blatchford Shopkeeper
1786 David Jenkins Shopkeeper
1787 Michael Gallawy Shopkeeper
1789 John Banfield
John Kirby
Samuel Hellen
Denis Healy
Richrd Goggin
Cornelius Clery
Sylvester Clery
David Dick
Thomas Tamplin
Cornelius Sullivan otherwise Brah
Doctor Colnan
Daniel Sullivan (his father Cornelius Sullivan), Ananias Sullivan.
Timothy Sullivan
Thomas Jenkins premises formerly salt house


Sub Constable


1790 Florence Cotter the Elder and Patrick Cotter Blacksmiths Parkplace
1790 Tom Kirby
John Goodwin
John Barry
John Bird Senior and Junior Farmers
Philip Harrington Innkeeper

1791 Elizabeth Jagoe, son John
Francis Hoskins Widow
1792 Daniel Sullivan
Thomas Bird Shopkeeper
1793 James and John Dungan Smiths Dunemark
1793 John Burk Cooper Parkplace
1793 James and John Dungan Smiths Dunemark
1793 John Burk
John Banfield
Timothy Sulivan Cooper
Victualler Parkplace
1794 Thomas and Ann Barter
Daniel Sullivan

Farmer and Carier Glawn
1795 John Young
Cornelius Casey Property holder
1796 Timothy Sullivan
Michael Galwey
Catherine McCarthy
Timothy Flyn (surrendered to Denis T. Sullivan)
Denis Carthy
Richard Hoskin
William Gill
John Clerke
Timothy Sullivan
Denis Flyn held by William Connolly
John Warner
Robert Bird
Eliza Lynch
Dan and Tim Lynch
Mochael Celler
Michael Mccarthy Merchant




1800s Timothy Sullivan Victualler
1800 John Warner
John and Robert Clerk
1801 Timothy Mahony
Richrd Hoskin
Richard Clerke Shopkeeper
1802 Richard Barret
John and William Jnr Young Cooper
1802 Batt Daly Cooper
1803 Robert Nicholas Bird Merchant
1804 Christopher Bant
Philip Harrington Shopkeeper
1805 Jeremiah Sullivan Boatman
1806 Richard Hoskins the elder and younger Blacksmith , Eilliam Downing
Robert Kenney Cordwainer
1807 John Clerke Postmaster
1808 Humphrey Sullivan
Alexander Gibbons
Daniel Connoly\Cornelius Mahony formerly denis Williams
Jmes rearden
Denis Bryan
Darby Mahony
John Smith
Patrick Shea
Timothy Sullivan
Charles McDonnough formerly Peter Bird
Robert Henry from Jeremiah Sullivan surrendered 1811 Butcher

1809 Timothy Shea father James
Esther Cook widow
Patrick Lyne formerly Daniel Latterford Carpenter

1811 William Hutchinson Codwaiter
1810 Robert Harding formerly John Driscoll In deed
Timothy Linnehan White Smith
Patrick Leary Chairmaker
Cornelius Sullivan Weaver
Denis Slattery Mason
Dennis Crimeen Boatman
Jeremiah Sullivan Weaver
Patrick Kearney Publican
Richard Clerke Merchant
1812 Timothy Sullivan Merchant
Young Lavers Merchant
Cornelius Sullivan Grocer
Denis O’Leary Shopkeeper
Robert John Bird Tanner
Timothy Flyn Carpenter
Thomas Sullivan Miller
John Shea Brogue Maker
Daniel Sullivan Hatter
Humphrey Sullivan
William Dealy Victualler

1813 Thomas Hunter Baker
Jeremiah Croneen Dealer
1814 Michael Flyn Tanner
Laurence and John Kenedy Weavers
John Barry Quarryman
Rev. Charles Smith Minister Cappanaloghy
Thomas Godson Writing Clerk Brennybeg land formerly occupied by his grandfather
1816 Edward Moroney Publican
Henry Clerke Cordwainer (Shoemaker)
John Slattery Mason
1817 Frances Blair one of 6 daughters of Hamilton Blair In will
1817 Denis Hurly Fisherman
Jeremiah Hurly Tyler
Daniel Collins Policeman
Samuel Young Tide Surveyor
Edward Blake Fisherman
1818 David Dick Revenue Officer
William Young Shopkeeper
1819 Timothy Sullivan Shopkeeper
1822 John Vickery Shopkeeper
Richard Spenser Linen Weaver
1823 Timothy Sullivan Victualler
William Mealy Postmaster Castletown
William (Wats Healy) Postmaster Castletowm
1824 Daniel Donovan Ropemaker
Morty P. O’Sullivan Shopkeeper
1825 Timothy Murphy Ship’s Master Mariner
Jeremial Neal
Samuel Piddle Wheelwright
In deed
Garret Barry Shopkeeper
1827 Michael Daly Cooper
1828 John Godson Architect
1830 John Tagoe (Jago)
Edward Barry Storekeeper near Quay
1832 Samuel Willis
Jeremiah Sullivan
Jeremiah (Laurcy) Dwyer
1834 Denis Sullivan Shopkeeper
1835 Philip Armstrong Medical Doctor
1836 Daniel Timothy Sullivan Tanner
1837 Thomas Eccles Hotel keeper Glengariff
1839 Daniel Riordan
William Cotter Shoemaker
1840 Thomas Vickery Shopkeeper
1842 John Jago Barrister
1844 John Leary went to America Lawyer
Jeremiah exec of Henry Cullinane Shopkeeper
1849 John Lavellin Puxley, Tensy, South Wales Mining Rights Allihies Area and later deeds
1849 Rev, Michael O’Leary
David Donovan
Mary Sullivan Priest for schoolhouse
Process Officer
Dealer Trafask
1851 Timothy McCarthy Dealer
Mary Webber Dress Maker
1852 John Meara Shopkeeper Lisaramig
John O’Connell Merchant
Thomas Godson Hotelier
1853 Rev. Thomas O’Grady Minister for schoolhouse Curriglass
1855 Thomas Lannin Shopkeeper
1856 Daniel Sullivan Postmaster Castletown
Daniel Moriarty Shopkeeper Castletown
James Murphy Shopkeeper Castletown
Patrick Sullivan Builder Castletown
1857 Timothy Murphy Shoemaker
1860 Timothy Harrington Shopkeeper Castletown
Michael Hanly Shopkeeper Castletown
1862 Denis Murphy Merchant

Timothy Regan Harrington Merchant Castletown
1863 Thomas Spenser Shopkeeper (Dunmanway)
Nicholas Power Master Mariner Castletown
Michael Sullivan Smith Castletown
1864 Cornelius O’Leary Merchant Newtown
1865 Charles Thomas Mining Rights Lisherenig, ejected let to J. Warner
1866 R.Auketell William B. Ritchie Moning rights Dromkeal, Dromduff East and West
1867 William Coakley Carrier
Tom Murphy Grocer, the Square Macroom
1869 William Lannin George Bird Clerk workhouse
1870 William Murphy Builder timber merchant
1875 Payne Estate Manager
1877 William Clarke Merchant
John B. Eddy, William J. Sennot ejected and replaced by James Coates Slate Quarries Droumkeal, Teenamoderee, Droumduff
1878 John McCarthy formerly John Goodman Shopkeeper Tanyard originally leased by Young 18117
1879 Paul Kingston Farmer Inchingerig Caheragh
1880 John O’Shea Mariner and Publican
1881 John Vickery Hotel Keeper
1882 Denis McCarthy Marchant
1883 Daniel Healy
John McCarthy Victualler
1885 Cornelius O’Leary
Daniel Sullivan
William Shanahan Tailor
Car Driver
1886 William Warnr Saddler
1887 Mary Cullinane
Berehaven Mining Co. Shopkeeper
Surrender Mining Leases
1888 Robert Clerk
Michael McCarthy
John McCarthy Shoemaker
1889 Timothy McCarthy
Cornelius McCarthy
Julia O’Leary Cattle Dealer
1890 Denis Crowley
James Frances Murphy

Richard Acton
Patrick Murphy
Hotel Proprietor
Grocer and Spirit Merchant

Shopkeeper Castletown

1895 Patrick O’Brien

George W. Biggs Shopkeeper bankrupt
1896 John Swanton Warner Merchant Bantry and Castletown
1901 Thomas Lannin
Patrick Murphy Farmer
Shoemaker Carriganass
1904 Denis and Michael O’Shea Shopkeeper Castleton
1906 Quinlavan Sullivan
Richard Harvey Shoemaker
Constable RIC Ardgroom village
1907 Ellen and Patrick O’Brien Publican
1908 Michael Hanly
Admiralty surrendered 1926 Shopkeeper Castletown
Garnish Island
1913 William Henry O’Sullivan J.P. In deed
1914 John Hurley Civil Bill Officer Castletown