West Cork History

This list comes mainly from the online catalogue of the Bntry House papers held in University College Cork, Boole Library with some from the Paddy O’Keeffe (Bantry businessman and historian) in the Cork Archives.

Occupations Bantry

The National Archives in Dublin have two rent books from the Bantry Estate dating from the 1780s (ref MS. 5944 and 5955).  These contain details of tenancies and tenants in the Bantry and Beara areas.  Quite a numbe of the tenants are of the O’Sullivan family and would be in the category of middle-men.


Date Name Occupation Place Bantry except where otherwise indicated

1565 Sir Owen O’Sullivan Landowner Granted Whiddy Island by crown, Paddy O’Keeffe papers.§
1591 Hugo Brightoy and James ~Derbyshire Fishery owners Whiddy Island Took a mortgage from Sir Owen O’Sullivan and his son Owen O’Sullivan mentioned in Paddy O”Keeffe papers Cork Archive.
1608 Edward Davenant (d. 1639) Fishery Proprietor (with…

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