West Cork History

From Dr O’Donovan’s ‘Sketches in Carbery’:

John Collins, of Myross, whose name we have often quoted already, was a man gifted with natural qualities of a high poetical character, which, had
they been matured by art, or had he lived under more favourable circumstances, might probably have placed his name high on the roll of poets. However,
as we learn from the records of his life, he had to devote the greater part of his days to the drudgery inseparable from the office of a village schoolmaster,in order to support a wife and large family. The opportunities which university education, spare time, and command of money, give to others to cultivate the mind were wanting in his case, as, being thrown upon his own resources, he had to educate himself m a great measure, and at the same time procure a livelihood.

The late great Dr. John O’Donovan styles him…

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