The Cullinanes of Skibbereen, Bantry, Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Jeremiah and Patrick Cullinane, Associates of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa.

Gympie, Queensland

The Cullinanes of Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Bantry, Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Jeremiah and Patrick Cullinane Associates of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa.

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Cullinane Magistrates:

Henry Cullinane (1841-1918), 1893, Main St., Skibbereen, listed 1913, listed 1916.  Grocer and Baker. 1910 one servant.  Present at the opening of Skibbereen Railway, July, 1877 1904 funeral of Daniel O’Donovan, Solicitor and Land Owner, Skibbereen. 1913 attending the funeral, Skibberen, Dr. Patrick (PJ) Burke, Skibbereen.   1909 Funeral Dr. William Jennings, Doctor and  Magistrate, Skibbereen. Attending 1917 funeral Michael Beechinor Collins, JP, Manager 1897-1917 in Skibbereen of Cork and Kerry Central Creamery. As a tribute Skibbereen Petty Session court adjourned by Mr. O’Connor, B.L., R.M.

John Cullinane, (1834-1900) The Square, Bantry. 1887 Committee to promote the Town Improvement Act for Bantry. Donor and committee member 1895 to the Bantry Foreshore Reclamation Fund. Landlord Whitechurch, Co. Cork allowed tenants a 50% reduction in rent.  1895 treasurer Bantry Terrier Coursing Club. 1898 thanked by Bantry Board of Guardians for providing a meal for the inmate of the workhouse consisting of meat and vegetable followed by currant cake and oranges.  Attending listed as ‘John” funeral Bantry 1899 of Miss O’Connor of merchant family.  

Dr. Patrick J. Cullinane M.D,. (1886-1942) 1914, The Square, house Sunville (large early 19th century house) Bantry, listed 1916. Educated in Clongowes Wood and UCC.  Related to Healy and Sullivan political families. The dynasty starts with Kate O’Sullivan marrying a Swanton, their daughter was Anne Swanton who marries a Jeremiah Cullinane who was born in 1795. It was he who moved to Skibbereen and really founded Fields and managed it from 1829. Member fundraising committee of 1918 Bantry Bay Marine Disaster. 1920 donor Bantry Vincent de Paul. They had the family that developed the drapery in Bantry. Bantry Bay Steamship Company Annual Report 1941, Among directors Dr. P. J. Cullinane.  Steamship Princess Beara After his death an auction of his effects in the 1960s included the set of Shakespearean B & W prints at his auction early in the 1960s They were purchased by the Vickery family and hung in their hotel  front lounge until its closure in 2006.

1772 Macroom Church of Ireland burials.

Former Cullinane Drapery, Main St., Bantry:

1895, Charles Cullinane, Draper, Bantry.


1939, Dr. John G. Cullinane (1892-1939), Clonakilty