Magistrates   See here. 

This article is an accumulation of information on all elements of the practice of law by local

magistrates in Ireland (and indeed Ireland in general).  It outlines the legal basis on which

magistrates were appointed, and their social and economic backgrounds.  It also includes

accounts of their practices, good and bad, and commentaries from various writers on the same. 

 There are also accounts of political and violent actions taken against magistrates at various

times.  The major part of the article is an annotated list of magistrates based on information

from a range of sources.  Nobody knows how many magistrates there were.  James Chatterton in the 1820s was Clerk of the Crown and Peace (State Solicitor equivalent) in the 1820s and confessed in a return to the UK Parliament that he had no idea how many magistrates there were in the county.  He said formerly the Lord Chancellors office had notified him of the appointment but this had been discontinued.  Additionally certain offices entitled the holder for the year he held the office eto be a magistrate.  This includes the Lord Mayor of Cork, the Provosts of Bandon, Charleville Clonakilty and the Mayor of Youghal.  There were numerous appointments from the 1890s onwards and a third of others were nominees of the Irish Parliamentary party.  You continuously come across references to people at political meetings attending funerals described as JPs or magistrates.   It is likely all the Lord Chancellors’ records were lost in the destruction of the Public Records Office in 1922.   There are approximately 3,400 magistrates listed.

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