Robert Emmett as far as is know had no descendants struck down even before his prime,

T. Granville Emmett might be a descendant of

1764-1828 Thomas Addis Emmet TCD Studied Medicine. York Attorney United Irishman Doctor Born junction Grattan St/Shears St. Father State Physician 1770 and moved to Dublin. Degree TCD and Edinburgh Medicine, Secretary United Irishmen imprisoned release to Holland then NY. In New York associated with other Cork Attorneys (Robert Swanton, Ballydehob, United Irishman, Admiralty Judge), Clerke Skibbereen. 1817, New York. Judge Robert Swanton (United Irishman, Ballydehob) one of Judges of the New York, Marine Court, Charge to Jury. 1817 One of Committee in New York with Thomas Addis Emmet, (Brother of Robert Emmett) to Promote the Welfare of the Irish. 1828 Pallbearer at Funeral of Thomas Addis Emmet with the Governor of the State of New York, Martin Van Buren later President, United States, Senator Nathan Sandford Thomas Addis Emmet” One of the first lawyers in Dublin and one of the most virtuous and most patriotic of men. He was a member of the Irish Directory with Lord Edward Fitzgerald and was arrested in 1798. He was sent to Fort George. Liberated and expatriates in 1803 like the other prisoners of Fort George. He was chosen by the Irish in Paris in 1803 to be the agent from the provisional Government of Ireland to the First Consul and French Government, which he held till 1805.  On finding there was no prospect of an expedition to Ireland} he got his passports and went to America, where the Congress passed a decree, by which, contrary to the usual term of ten years, he received his naturalisation twenty-four hours after landing there. He rose to great eminence as a lawyer in his newly adopted country and died in New York.