1943. Too Many Pockets. Lixnaw Tailor James Lynch Fined for Too Many Pockets in A Suit He Made

A reader  saw the article regarding the extra pockets in Lixnaw. That happened to the tailor Hugh O’Sullivan of Market Street as well. See halfway down the page of the attached pdf ‘Hugh OSullivan 1945’. Also his obituary from 1954. 

They are related to me through the Ward Family of Glanlough which as you know then continues back to the Trenwiths, so related to us all!! I believe my grandfather made the coffin for Hugh.

Hugh’s brother was Liam who was a teacher in Gortalassa. Their nephew Owen O’Sullivan died in Bantry a few years back, 2017? 

I don’t know if you’ve seen this…A first cousin of Hugh O’Sullivan was John Sullivan who along with Reginald Dunne killed Sir Henry Wilson in Kensington, you will see Owen in the comments at the bottom of the page: