1909 Bantry Feis. Patrons include Canon (Church of Ireland) O’Grady, James Gilhooley, M.P., Tim Healy King’s Counsel,M.P., Maurice Healy, M.P., The Earl of Kenmare, Magistrates, Dr. O’Mahony, Benjamin O’Connor, M. O’Driscoll, William Martin Murphy, Alexander Martin Sullivan, King’s Counsel, Dr. M. J. McCarthy, Patrick (Rocky Mountain) O’Brien, Dromore. Prizewinners, Industrial Section.


Emigration from Gearhies, Muintervara, to Joliet, Illinois, America. Visit of Bantry Born MP, Tim Healy 1881, Hotbed of Fenians, Hibernian Activity, Pro Boer Meeting Attended by Many Irish.


Bantry Gang: Healy Brothers, Thomas, Solicitor, M.P., Timothy, M.P. , Queen’s Counsel, Governor General Irish Free State, Tim, Sullivan Brothers, Alexander Martin, Owner ‘The Nation’, Founder Irish Parliamentary Party, M.P. Queen’s Counsel, Timothy Daniel, M.P. Composer ‘God Save Ireland”, Donal, Secretary Irish Parliamentary Party, M.P, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Harrington Brothers, Tim, Teacher, Journalist, Author of The Plan of Campaign, M.P., Barrister, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Ned, Organiser, M.P., William Martin Murphy, International Businessman, Railway Contractor, owner Irish Independent, Dublin United Tramways, M.P., James Gilhooley, Fenian, M.P.


1931 Funeral of Tim Healy, Bantry Born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State. Genealogy (by John T. Collins 1944) of O’Healys/Healys/Hely from 5th Century, Patron Saint of Family St. Lachtin died 622 AD.


1885, House of Commons, London, A Lash of Tim Healy’s , MP, Tongue, The Earl of Bantry Off Chasing Kangaroos in Australia instead of Sitting on Cork Lunacy Board and Non Attending Board Member 90 Year old Earl of Mount Cashel.


Tim Healy Governor General Irish Free State Census Return 1901