1924 Peadar O h Anrachain on the Poets of Carbery Including Sean O Coilean The Silver Tongue of Carbery, In Irish using Old Gaelic Script.

Unfortunately the old Gaelic script was replaced in the 1950s by the Roman font.

There was a certain amount of unease in some quarters as it cam to be associated with attempts by the English in the 17th century to Proselytism by printing the Bible in Irish. I think the font used by Bishop Bedeal is now largely intact in the Irish Print Museum.

The Watchtower Magazine for September 2015 contains an article on Bedell’s seventeenth-century Irish bible.

The article on the manuscript of Bishop William Bedell’s Irish translation of the Old Testament, which is held in Marsh’s, has generated much excitement among Jehovah’s Witnesses resident in Ireland, with many requests to see the precious manuscript itself.

Apple apparently have an app enabling you type in the ancient script.


Peadar Ó h-Anrachain (Peadar O’Hourihane) listed as Vice-Chairman, Cork County Council, 1921.  May be the same as scholar.