Nourishing-Stimulating Allman, Dowden &Co. Bandon Specialist stout. Brewed from Home-Made Malt & Hops only. 1912 Carbery Agricultural Show. Lord Bandon Fondness for Clonakilty Wrestler Stout

Lord Bandon was kidnapped and held hostage for three weeks being released on 12 July. The IRA threatened to have him executed if the British went ahead with executing IRA prisoners. During his captivity, Bandon reportedly coolly played cards with his captors, who seem to have treated him fairly well. Reportedly, Lord Bandon would give one of his captors, Daniel (Dan) O’Leary (also known an Leabhair, Irish for ‘Book’, based on the fact he was so well read), money each day for Leabhair to travel from the house in Kilcolman townland, to Slatterys pub in Ahiohill to purchase Clonakilty Wrastler (a local beer).

1912 Carbery Agricultural Show

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