Diarmuid (Jeremiah) Crowley (Diarmiuid Ó Crualaoich), (1875-1847), Kilbrittain Born Supreme Court Judge of Dáil Courts. Stormy Petrel

A full account of his life is give here:



 “The Count Plunkett habeas corpus application and the end of the Dáil Supreme Court” in-person lecture given by Mr. Justice Gerard Hogan on 28 April at 6:30pm, as part of the Four Courts 100 lecture series.


For his earlier life as a British Civil Servant you would wonder if he attended the famous cramming

Master Madden

Oillscoilan t-Sleigh, The Academy of Master Madden late 19th century, Ardfield, Clonakilty to Prepare Boys for the British Civil Service Exams. Pupils included Michael Collins and Sam Maguire.


The Crowley seems to have a history of awkward Customers

Father Jeremiah Crowley was jailed following criminal libel trial instigated by the Local Church of Ireland Minister on Mizen. He was give a heroes welcome leaving and returning to Cork. Later unhappy differences between him and Cork bishop entailed him leaving for America same scenarios left the Catholic Church became a Bible hall preacher denouncing the errors of Rome.


The Crowley of West Cork are really McDermotts of Roscommon whop arrived as mercenaries in West Cork some time after 1200. Their nick name Crua (Tough) Laoich (Warrior) eventually became the surname. As McDemotts they are probably part of there Northern Uí Neill descending from Niall of the Nine Hostages;


In this category also are probing many of the Norther Loyalists with a Scots Presbeterian background, descending from the Irish who migrated to Western Scotland pre 1000 returning in the Plantation in the 17th century similarly the Scots Irish in America.