The Torrens system is simple. The State guarantees land title on a document known as the Folio instead of a donkey and car load of deeds and documents arising from the first system of land registration in Ireland the Registry of Deeds.

That system was not born out of altruism but another instrument of the Penal Laws to turn the screws on the native Irish under the Penal Laws. Think of the Ukraine and Russia.

One of the unintended consequences of the Registry of Deeds is that there are about 4.5 million memorials (summary of property transactions) beautifully restored about 40 years ago under the Fund of Suitors and are a trove of genealogical and other information. A project in the early stages by the Property Registration Authority aims to digitalise the entire collection and make it fully available free online.

In the meantime a worldwide volunteer project is transcribing the deeds.

Sir Robert Richard Torrens 

Australian Dictionary of Biography

In Ireland the introduction of the Torrens system coincided with the establishment of the Land Commission. Perhaps the largest voluntary land transfer in world history. About 70% of the land area of the Island of Ireland was transferred from the landlords to the tenant who became full legal owner subject to an annuity to the Land Commission.

At least on the independence of this part of Ireland the land question was settled unlike Hungary where in the 1930s a tiny proportion of the population owned over 90% of the land.

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