Emigration 1851 to 1906 from Cork City and County 533,181.



Partridge Island, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, Quarantine by Irish Immigrants Fleeing from The Famine, Reenactment


Atlas 1878, Percy, Seymour, Ontario, Canada Showing Pockets of West Cork Emigrant Named Families.


1862,  Letter Edward Conner, Ballineen to his Sister in USA?, Names Mentioned: Damery, Fateman, Connelly, Farr, Hayes, Daunt, Collins, Meade. Decourseys, Clark, Gibbs Ross, Dr. Jagoe, Family in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Emigration to Queensland, Charity Sermon in Ballymoney Church in Aid Of Lancashire Cotton Workers, US Civil War.


Samuel Vickery (1832-1912) Reminiscences to his Daughter Martha Ellen, Evansville, Indiana, USA, Childhood in Rooska, Parish of Durrus and Reendonegan, Bantry, West Cork, Family Fishery, Girls Hired to Spin Twine for Nets, Catching Sparrows in Thatch of House, Hens Fed Sour Milk and Potatoes, Punished at School at Four Mile Water (Clashadoo, Durrus) For Dipping Spider in Black Ink , Emigration 1850 to New Orleans Upriver to Indiana



Place Names of Prince Edward County, Canada, Rossmore, Shannonville, Relict of 1820s Emigration from Durrus District, West Cork


1852. Emigration Scene probably Schull. West Cork to North America.


1884. State Aided Emigration Scheme, Bantry District, Canada, USA, Australia.


Alexander Clerke (1804-1877), Son of Helena McCarthy and William Clerke, Millowner, Skibbereen, Emigration to Tasmania 1828, Land Owner, Businessman, Magistrate, MP, Extended Family Network of Sweetnam, Jagoe, Mahony, Young, Deasy, Long, Bird, Love.