1907, Evidence of Councillor Ned Roycroft, Mount Gabriel Schull to The Royal Commission On Congestion in Ireland.   American Mackerel Fishery. Mines Going Well 120 employed in Copper Mines.  Major Congestion Many Half Cottiers Half Fishermen.  Cessation of Coastal Shipping by Clyde Shipping Company after Withdrawal of £500 Subsidy for the  Service.


Ned Roycroft was married to Catherine McCarthy Sowney from Dereenalomane, Coolagh, Schull East. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas McCarthy Sowney & Ellen McCarthy Mόr. Catherine and Ned lived in Mount Gabriel. 

Catherine McCarthy Sowney’s brother, Daniel T McCarthy Sowney, married Susan Baker of Rossmore, Durrus West in the  Catholic oratory of Blairs Cove House on 16th February 1876.  At that time it was the Parish Priest’s house.

Daniel T McCarthy Sowney & Susan Baker of Rossmore, Durrus  were 2nd cousins. That relationship came through the Atteridges. Daniel’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Atteridge and Susan Baker’s mother was Margaret Atteridge. It would seem that Margaret Atteridge was Elizabeth Atteridge’s niece.



The Roycrofts (various variations of the spelling) most likely came to the Bandon area post 1590 from the West Country of England.

Over time there are Catholic, Church of Ireland and Methodist branches.

Ned Roycroft’s granddaughter was probably the wife of Michael Pat Murphy, late Labour TD, for West Cork.

In Bantry in the mid to late 19th century the Dillon family influential in business and politics related to the Roycrofts of the North Side of the Muintervarta Peninsula. Of that branch also Charles Roycroft, businessman, landowner and Magistrate and like all highly political on the Nationalist side. It is not know if this branch is related to the Mount Gabriel Roycrofts.

The Schull Roycrofts Ian the 19th century very involved in the administration of the Schull Workhouse.

Some Roycroft (Recraft) Wills from 1676, Bandon and Marriages from 1775.


1851 Census Summary Family of Joseph and Heater Roycroft, Kilpatrick, Schull, West Cork.


1937 Dunbeacon, Parish of Schull,  Mary Joe Moynihan, School Folklore Project. Names: Collins, Connell, Croston, Driscoll,  Finn, Levis, Lucy, Maguire, McCarthy, Moynihan, O’Brien, Nugent, Pyburn, O’Sullivan, Roycroft, Scofield, Lucky Days for Marriage Thursday and Saturday, Flax Meitheals, Harvest of the Geese, Holy Wells, Penal Laws,Old Cures, Deaths at Dereenlomane Barytes Mines, Wreck of Memphis, Foghmar na nGeídhna, hard and quick days after Harvest.


1803, Methodist Minister Rev. John Rogers, Unpublished Memoir.   Preaching on Circuit in West Cork 1803.   He married Mary Croston, 1810, Crookhaven Church. Among those mentioned, Skibbereen, Atkins, William and Susan Atkins, John Evans, Ardrally, William Young, Letterscanlan, Cole, Dromore, Roger Young, Thomas Kingston, Caherincrin, Bantry, (where he preached to hundreds), James Vickery, Rooska, William Vickery, Dunbittern, John Skuse, Richard Allin (Allen), Ballyriggard, Richard Roycroft, Kilpatrick, Melvin, English, Schull, Swanton, Ballydehob, Mrs Moore, Newcourt, Mr. Wright, Glandore.


Copy of Will of Richard Roycroft (Obliterated in the Destruction of the Public Record Office, Dublin, 1922 but copied by William Henry Welply) of Clouney (Clonee, Bog Road), Parish of Durrus, agd 9th May 1801, Proved 1st August 1801, Son-in-law, George Swanton, Grandson Richard Lavers (Levis), granddaughter, Avis Notter, son Thomas Roycroft deceased, daughter Grace O’Sullivan. Executors George Swanton, Richard Lavers (Levis). Witnesses: Robert Lavers. Charles Dalton, John Vickery.


1793. Letting of 18 Gneeves at Kealties, Durrus, West Cork from Stephen Derinau to Young Roycroft, Gent, Clonee.


Bantry, West Cork, Quarter Sessions, February 1842, Chaired by Mr. Moody, Assistant Barrister, East Riding, Magistrates, Mr. Little Resident Magistrate, Dr. Gillman, Richard White (Lord Bantry family), Michael Warren, Alexander O’Driscoll (Middle Man, Caheragh, married to Miss Evans Lissangle). Juries: William Lannin (Possibly later Master Workhouse may be from Dromreague), Elias Roycroft (Rooska), William Roycroft, Robert Warren, Samuel Daly, George Vickery, Edward Barry, Michael Sullivan (Possibly Tedagh), John Warner, Cornelius O’Leary, Alexander O’Donovan Possibly Clerk Petty Sessions), Robert Vickery, Daniel Sullivan, George O’Connor (Landowner Bantry/Skibbereen), Thomas Dukelow (Durrus possibly Clashadoo), Michael Sullivan, Thomas Kingston, Michael Foley, Jeremiah Sullivan, T Williamson (Durrus), James Sullivan, Thomas Vickery. 


Photograph of Directors and Managers of Schull and Skibbereen Light Railway 1910-20, including Ned Roycroft, Mount Gabriel, Chairman Cork County Council, Jasper Travers Wolfe Solicitor (former Crown Prosecutor West Cork and later TD) and his father Eddie