Post 1659 “Henry Trenwith. who, according to the Census of Ireland 1659 was in possession of the lands of Gurteen, Bantry (126a. lr. 17p).” Family later in Beara area

1681 Will Thomas Walker Overseers and executors, Rev. Thomas Holmes, Richard Hutchins, Blackrock (Hutchinson?), Witnesses William Waters, Junior, William Trenwith, William Coppinger, William Byrne?, John Lavers (Levis), Robert Trix, Teig Meskill, Welply’s wills

1831.  Former Bantry Postmaster Robert Clarke, Sureties Young Lavers (Levis), William Trenwith.

The Levis family are Huguenot in origin.The Trenwith are in Gurteen 1650 according to Down Survey later throughout Beara.  Early 19th century family of 23 daughters among families married into Wards of Durrus.

One account of one of the Trenwith families in the early 19th century has 23 daughters and 1 son

CC 18/3/1833) – TO CAPTAIN JONES, LATE IN COMMAND OF A DETACHMENT OF THE 69TH REGT., STATIONED AT BANTRY – WE, THE UNDERSIGNED INHABITANTS OF BANTRY AND ITS VICINITY, avail ourselves of the removal of the Detachment of the 69th Regiment, under your command, to express to you our high estimation of their discipline and good conduct during their continuance in Bantry, and our regret at their departure. – We request that you will be so kind as to convey to Captain Stewart, the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, these sentiments which so generally prevail along us on this occasion, and beg to assure you, both individually and collectively, that to whatever scene of action your duties may require your removal, you will carry along with you our best and sincerest wishes. – Bantry, 14th Feb., 1833 ….. [ replied to from Charles Fort, Kinsale, Feb. 26, names, below, arranged alphabetically]


Barry, Thomas, PPBird, J. S.Bird, JohnBird, Robert J.Bird, Robert R.Burke, Thomas, MDClerke, RichardComyn, J.Cooke, J. M.Dealy, WM. J., Lieut., RNDowe, JosephDowning, RogerEgar, A., C. C.P.Evanson, Alleyn, JPEvanson, CharlesJenkins, ThomasKingston, J. P., & SonsKirby, DavidM’Carthy, Wm.Murphy, MichaelO Connell, JohnO Connor, J.O Donovan, M.O Donovan, Timothy, JPO Driscoll, A., JPO Sullivan, DanielO Sullivan, JeremiahPatterson, ThomasPearson, Wm.Ratcliffe, Wm.Riddell, J.Sadleir, Henry, Clk.Trenwith, B.White, Richard, JPWhite, Simon, JPYoung, JohnYoung, John, jun.Young, Samuel
Bird, J. S.Bird, JohnBird, Robert J.Bird, Robert R.Clerke, RichardCooke, J. M.Dealy, WM. J., Lieut., RNDowe, JosephEgar, A., C. C.P.Kingston, J. P., & SonsKirby, DavidMurphy, MichaelPatterson, ThomasPearson, Wm.Ratcliffe, Wm.Piddell, J.Sadleir, Henry, Clk.Trenwith, B.White, Richard, JPWhite, Simon, JPYoung, JohnYoung, John, jun.Young, Samuel

Registry of Deeds Vol 706,  P 145  Memorial 483681

Cappaleigh, Keeldrumalive, Granure, Knuckavallig, Tedagh, 3rd August 1821, Marriage Settlement

Marriage of Richard Sullivan, Get Tedagh, son of Michael of Tedagh Gent to mary Ann Trenwith daughter of William Trenwith of Faha (Adrigole) James Vickery of Mullagh, gent  and Richard Trenwith of Leirum Gent to hold as trustees



Cess Payers.

1834. NAMES and PLACES of RESIDENCE of the CESS PAYERS nominated by the County Grand Jury at the last Assizes, to be associated with the Magistrates at Special Road Sessions to be holden in and for the several Baronies within the County, preparatory to the next Assizes, pursuant to Act 3 and 4 Wm. 4, ch. 78.

Barony of BereJohn O’Sullivan CameatringaneDavid Kinnigan, BawnEdward Puxley, Oaklodge
James Downing, CastletownDaniel  Sullivan, DramguivenRoger O’Sullivan, SeapointJohn Harrington, KillmacowenTimothy O’Sullivan, Connahanavoe
Richard Martin, CloneeJohn Harrington, GrenaneTimothy O’Sullivan, CastletownWilliam Murphy, Inchintaglin, AdrigoleWilliam Trenwith, Droumdir
Timothy O’Sullivan, Castletown

 Faha East and Faha West are located about 2km to the east of Adrigole Catholic church. Droumdour ( Droumdir?) is part of Glengarriff  Wood about ‘2.5 km from the village. The townlands would about 8km apart. It may be of interest  that the thatched residence ( former lodge I think) to the left of the road leading to Barley Lake is in Droumdour.

Berehabae C of I records:

P.7 1795  Baptisms

April 12th Sarah daughter of William Trenwith and Phillis his wife.  Edward Trenwith Mary Crispe and Mary Crispe sponsors

Castletownbere, churchwardens:
Post 1786 Church Wardens Berehaven William Morgan, Richard Simpson, Joseph Patrickson (Rev?), Robert Higginbotham, Castlebernard, Hugh Lawton, Richard Broderick, John Burchill (Customs?), William Trenwith, Glenlough 1796 Sam Baylie (Customs?), 1795, Robert Trenwith, Knockaulane 1790,


 P.1 1778

 April 3rd Eleanor Mary Anne, daughter of Robert and Catherine Simpson Private

June 3rd Mary daughter of Samuel and Mary Blake Charles Blake William Trenwith

Mary and Mary Blake sponsors


1781, Kilmocomoge (Bantry) Thomas Spencer, Parish clerk John Murphy (probably Newtown family), John Helen (family extensively involved in pawnbroking Cork and Bantry), churchwarderns Vicar John Kenny, lives in Durrus, 6 miles from Bantry. St. James, Durrus built shortly after probably had more parishioners than Bantry RCB Library, 1781, Bishop Mann Visitation of Church of Ireland Dioceses of Cork. Ref D121.1

Post 1786 Samuel Helen, Publican Henry Belcher, Cordwainer (shoe shop) Bantry Deed\

801. Avis Notter, spinster, Crookhaven, leases to Richard Lavers (Levis), Clonee, 8 Gneeves at West Clonee, Kealties, Esknabreena (North West Brahalish) and Oghtergliny? For 21 years. Witnesses John Warner, Gent, Bantry, Samuel Helen, Gent, Bantry.

November 1835 Emanuel Helen Bantry Cork at Bantry. Executor 1837 may be H. Helen John T Collins, newspaper extracts, Dr Casey 2130 Dr. Casey Vol 6

1845 “Cork, Nelson Place 13 Trenwith William H. Pawnbroker (Administrator of R. Helen) ” Both probably have Bantry connections Post Office Directory