A work in progress more information sought from the Townsend family in Australia.



Dinnseanchas. The Naming of Houses After the Homeplace, Richard Wright, Clonakilty, ‘Carbery’, Glenageary, Methodist Rev. Earnest Donovan, Foronaught, Myross, Sandycove, Dublin, Richard Townsend ‘Dunbeacon’, Horton Australia. Also include Van Morrison on Belfast.


1844 Cork Assizes, Jagoe V Hungerford. Throwing light on Genealogy of Mizen Peninsula Genealogies of mid 18th Century Middlemen, Coughlan, Dowe, Driscoll/O’Driscoll


1937 Dunbeacon, Parish of Schull,  Mary Joe Moynihan, School Folklore Project. Names: Collins, Connell, Croston, Driscoll,  Finn, Levis, Lucy, Maguire, McCarthy, Moynihan, O’Brien, Nugent, Pyburn, O’Sullivan, Roycroft, Scofield, Lucky Days for Marriage Thursday and Saturday, Flax Meitheals, Harvest of the Geese, Holy Wells, Penal Laws,Old Cures, Deaths at Dereenlomane Barytes Mines, Wreck of Memphis, Foghmar na nGeídhna, hard and quick days after Harvest.


Under the Radar: Roads are discovered to yield a more profitable crop than farming, 1809 Cork Grand Jury Presentments: John Arundel, William and John Swanton, Ballydehob, Alexander O’Driscoll, Skibbereen, John and William Warner, Bantry, Samuel Townsend, Henry Ryan, Skibbereen, Later, Birds and Tobins of Kilcrohane, Moss and Nicholas Families, Durrus, Shanahans of Dunbeacon, Vickeries of Ballycomane, Fitzgeralds of Baltimore.


Denis O’Driscoll, Dunbeacon, Harpist and WILLIAM HENRY O’DRISCOLL, Esq., of Stoke, near Plymouth. He was born on the 16th of June, 1803, and, though a fine specimen of the old Irish chieftain race, he is still unmarried. The senior line of the O’Driscolls is, therefore, likely to become extinct in the British Islands, and the genealogist of the next century will probably have to look for it in the United States of America: though, according to a wild tradition in the country, there are fishermen on Cape Clear and on other islands off the Coast of Carbery, who are lineally descended from the youngest son of Sir Finghin, (Finin) or Florence, of 1602. The Rev. James O’Driscoll, P.P. of Kilmichael in the County of Cork, is said to be the great-grandson of Denis O’Driscoll of Dunbeacon Castle, who is remembered by tradition for his skill in performing on the Irish harp, who was the son of Florence O’Driscoll, called the Captain Cam, who was killed at the siege of Dunboy in 1602. Sed cum de his nihil certi scio, nihil etiam assertive determino.


Irish in ordinary speech 1930s, by Seosamh Ó Drisceoil, (Joe O’Driscoll), (1923-2015), NT, Dunbeacon, Durrus, West Cork


Discovery of Bronze Palstave, c 1.400 BC, Dunbeacon Bog, Durrus, West Cork.