Dinnseanchas. The Naming of Houses After the Homeplace, Richard Wright, Clonakilty, ‘Carbery’, Glenageary, Methodist Rev. Earnest Donovan, Foronaught, Myross, Sandycove, Dublin, Richard Townsend ‘Dunbeacon’, Horton Australia. Also include Van Morrison on Belfast. Rooska Australia a Vickery house from Rooska, Bantry

A variation of dinnseanchas as in Van Morrison’s music

Durcan also utilizes the ancient Irish dinnseanchas tradition to heighten the dignity of … himself (who has also collaborated with singers like Van Morrison),


From The Middle Temple Admissions 1884

Rev. Patrick Ernest Donovan (1861-1953), Foronaught, Myross, Skibbereen, West Cork, Irish Speaking Methodist Missionary.

House in Dublin Myross, Sandycove, Dublin, 28 June 1953, interred


A branch of the Townsend family settled in Australi


Jennings Family West Cork to New Zealand, Australia, USA 1800-1985.


There was significant emigration of Durrus Protestant to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick from the mid 1820s,thye brought any of the local townland names to the area of settlement.