7th to 10th Century Irish Law Texts with Diagram of the Seven Tunics and Three Humours of the Eye, from Irish Medieval Medical Treatises.

Courtesy Four Courts Press, ‘The Old Library’ TCD, 1712-2012

Early Irish Medicine from Dian Céch, the Irish God of Healing, Queen Macha Mong Ruadha legendary Hospital at Emain Macha pre 377 BC, Women Physicians under Brehon Laws, Arabic medical texts translated to Irish, Hereditary Medical families, the O’Cassidy Medical Manuscripts largest collection of Medical Manuscript Literature World Wide pre 1800 and the career of Doctor Richard Gumbelton Daunt (1843-1893), of Kilcascan Castle, Co, Cork family, Pioneer in Public Health Medicine, in Brazil 19th century, Genealogist.


Lawyers and Four types of Judges and their renumeration in Ireland 600-900 AD


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