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Early Irish Medicine from Dian Céch, the Irish God of Healing, Queen Macha Mong Ruadha legendary Hospital at Emain Macha pre 377 BC, Women Physicians under Brehon Laws, Arabic medical texts translated to Irish, Hereditary Medical families, the O’Cassidy Medical Manuscripts largest collection of Medical Manuscript Literature World Wide pre 1800 and the career of Doctor Richard Gumbelton Daunt (1843-1893), of Kilcascan Castle, Co, Cork family, Pioneer in Public Health Medicine, in Brazil 19th century, Genealogist.


This is from Volume 6 of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America and is devoted to the Irish Health Personnel input.

Early Medical Education in Ireland p 157-165.

P. 193-201, Doctor Richard Gumbelton Daunt (1843-1893), of Kilcascan Castle, Co, Cork family Pioneer in Public Health Medicine In Brazil 19th century, Genealogist. He was probably born in Yorkshire but regarded himself as staunchly  Irish. He spent a lot of effort on his own and his Brazilian wife’s genealogy and Irish culture generally.

Apart from these chapters the Journal is a fascinating account of a forgotten contribution of Irish men and women in Latin American Medicine.




General O’Leary, Bagota: