Upton is a village in County Cork, Ireland. It was on the Cork to Bandon section of the Cork, Bandon and South Coast Railway.Wikipedia


Report on Upton, Innishannon, Co. Cork,  Reformatory School for Roman Catholic Boys, Opened 1860 in Former Home of Rev. Somers Payne, Some of The Boys Start a New Life in the New World of Brazil  to Brazil

Brazil might be accounted for as the Religious order who ran it the Rosminians may have had links to Brazil.




Rev. Somers Payne -1857), Pre 1815, Upton, Grand Master Orange Order, Co. Cork.  Ordained 1810.  Sons Rev. Henry, James, John Warren daughter Mary married Nash.  Voted for Hutchinson 1826 election. Bandon Brunswick Constitutional Club 1828, sitting Bantry and Bandon, 1835, Provost of Bandon. Agent to Lord Berehaven since 1820 son Augustus agent to Lord Bantry. 1828 Bandon Quarter Sessions. Parliamentary Commission sitting Bantry 1845 showed sympathy for labourers and cottiers.  The Rev. Somers Payne’s mother was sister of John and Henry Shears, Barristers in the City of Cork, who perished on the scaffold for alleged ‘high treason’ at the opening of the ‘present century’. 1835 Subscriber Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland  1837.  Probably grandson mentioned in will of Eliza Gethin, Cork, 1801 property for him held in trust by Dr. Boyle Coughlan and Gilbert Henry Fleming, attorney, Dublin.   His Upton property became a Reformatory School under the Rosminian Fathers in 1860.  Land record, 1870, 653 acres.