From Irish Manuscript Commission Registry of Deeds

Will 3

Thomas Becher,  Sherkin,  Co Cork, Esq.,  21 August 1705.  Proved 11th March 1708.

11 March 1708.  Brothers in Law Henry Turner Richard Turner and John Roberts Trustees and Executors. Wife Elizabeth Becher. Sons Edward and Michael Becher both married. His Henry John and Lionell Becher daughter Susan Becher.   Kinsman Francis Becher Tallough (Tallow)  Co Waterford Clerk.    Legacy to Parish of Ballymodan (Bandon)

Ardtentane, Cahiroleckeny, Ratooragh, Gortloen, Banratonacane, Kiltomane, Mauladinny and Coomfarna in parish of Schull.   Ballyrisode, Dunkilly,  Callirisoughtra,  Baltenoughtra,  Kilbean, Lynane,  Cahir, Quorisk,  Co Cork.   Baneaknockakane and Quolaigh,  Parish of Schull, Co. Cork.  Old Court,  Kilfenan, Glaunaroura.   Leasehold lands of Aghadowne, Kilkilleene, Callitrumore, Callitrumbegg, Drumnacahara, Lysheenoughra,  Kilmoonagh,  Cluddagh,  Smorane, Quoecurine, Rinedolane, Gortnaclough, Skibbereene alias New-Stapletown, Coronra, All in Co Cork

Witness: Dive Downes (Son-in-Law)

Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross.    Robert Conrad, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Esq.   Benjamin Weekes, Cok, Notary Public, James Russell servant to Bishop of Cork. 

Memorial witnessed by John Connell P.G.P. Skyaner

1 456, 356.                                                                            John Roberts seal

Will 238

Alexander Donovan, Squince, Parish of Myross, Co. Cork, Will Dated 22nd December 1785, Memorial Sworn at Skibbereen 29th May 1800.

To his son Doctor James Donovan, Doctor of Physic, his interest in lands at Rinogreny, Keamore, Saravelly, Co. Cork, to his son Alexander Donovan his interest in the farm at Myross with all the utensils belonging to the fisheries, salt house, and large boat subject to the head rent and lands at Manhelare and Cusronan , Filmuck, and Carhngariff (Cahhugariff), Co. Cork,  Executors his sons James and Alexander.  Witnesses Daniel Collins, now Skibbereen, Doctor of Physic, John Wright, Glandore, Merchant, Richard Donovan recently deceased (1800), Warrensbrook.

Witnesses to Memorial (1800), Daniel Collins, Richard Tomkins, Gent.

Registry of Deeds References

518, 427, 345908

Will 267

Richard Skuse, Derrygarren, Barony of West Carbery, Co. Cork, Farmer, 29th April 1802, Sworn 1st May 1802.

To Michael Albridge (wrong should be Attridge), of Skibbereen, Co. Cork, Woollen Draper, and Jno (John?), Glasheen …Aulin?, Cork City, …..Allen  said County farmer, all his interest in lands at Derrygarren and Ininshbeg (Inishbeg) both in Co. Cork, … held under Head Lease from Cornelius O’Driscoll, Esq. and the latter under Thomas Somerville and Burris Erwin, Esqs., in trust  to pay Testator’s wife Mary Skuse, an annuity of £10 residue of profits from said lands to raise a payment of £40 each to the Testator’s seven daughters, Dorothy, Abigail, Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Ann, Frances, and then to pay the profits to Testator’s son Francis Skuse for life, in default of his  issue to said  seven daughters.

 Dwelling house at Derrygarren, furniture to the said wife for life, then the furniture divided between the three youngest daughters Mary, Ann and Frances

Executors: Thomas Somerville, Michael Attridge, Jno Attridge.

Witnesses: Richard Sinnick, Gent. Denis Donoghue servant to said John Denis. John Denis Gent.

Witnesses to Memorial Richard Sinnick, John Denis Gent.

Registry of Deeds Reference 551   395  363727

Welply’s Wills

Copy of Will of Richard Roycroft of Clouney (Clonee, Bog Road), Parish of Durrus, agd 9th May 1801, Proved 1st August 1801, Son-in-law, George Swanton, Grandson Richard Lavers (Levis), granddaughter,  Avis Notter, son Thomas Roycroft deceased, daughter Grace O’Sullivan.   Executors George Swanton, Richard Lavers (Levis).   Witnesses:  Robert Lavers. Charles Dalton, John Vickery.