The Late Father Coombes wrote of the importance of the early potato crop in the Clonakilty district and of the trade in potatoes going to Cork by boat.

1843-1844. Alexander O’Driscoll Landlord, Magistrate, Skibbereen, In trouble Again before the Lord Chancellor, He Had 40 Men Dig the Potatoes Of a Defaulting Tenant, while there cattle from a neighbouring farm strayed and were seized by his Drivers, Another Incident of Whipping a Boy on the Hunt. Maintains a Local Vendetta Against Him. Charges Concocted by a certain class of Individuals named ‘The Arbitration Committee of the Repeal Association’ consisting of A Dealer of Tapes and Small Cottons, A Village Schoolmaster, A Ci-Devant Village Saddler, A former Maker of Felt Hats and A Bankrupt Corn Dealer.

At Bawnlahan, (Bán Leathan/Broad Lea), Skibbereen, West Cork, House of ‘The O’Donovan’, Lieutenant General Richard O’Donovan (1768-1829), Potatoes, Using Grufán 4th February, Planting Earlies ‘American’ 19th February, Main Crop after St. Patrick’s Day, Kidney Potatoes, Brown Fancy, Beldrums, White Eyed Potatoes, 1823′ Apple Potatoes’. Using Sea Sand as Fertilizer


 Justice for Sale, Skibbereen Area, West Cork  Evidence of Father Collins, parish Priest,’ I have known Magistrates who had no other visible means of support but the trade they carried on as Magistrates, Receiving Presents to a large amount, having their work done, presents of potatoes, corn and cattle and presents of money too’. Alexander O’Driscoll, ‘Several in That part of the County Called Trading Magistrates,  Who are Understood to Sell Justice to the Party Who Pays them Best’   Perjury at Elections Mr. McCarthy, Magistrate. From the Westminster Review.

1801 Potatoes in Drill

January 1739, Loss of Potato Crop due to Severe Frost, Plea from Cork Corporation to Stop Export of Oats, Chief Support of Poor. 1766. Ordered, that a Memorial be sent to thee Lords Justices, in the name of the Mayor, &c., praying an order of Government to prevent the exportation of all sorts of grain, meal, and potatoes for a limited time,as corn in general has failed this season and a great scarcity dreaded next winter and spring.