Fern Hill was later acquired by the Wright family solicitors, barristers, judges, land agents, landlords.

William Travers Arkin features in an article by Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan, Memorialising Irish Australians in Brisbane, 1872-2017.

Robert Travers Atkin, (1841-1871), born in Fernhill, Clonakilty, the son of William Francis Atkin and his wife Alice Hungerford (née Stewart). In 1863, he emigrated to Queensland, Journalist Member Queensland Assembly. Father of Lord Atkin, Judge 1932 in Landmark Case on Law of Negligence Donoghue v Stevenson. Died of T.B. A monument was erected to his memory by the members of the Hibernian Society of Queensland, of which he was vice-pres. Relative of Thomas Davis. The Wright Brothers of Fernhill, Clonakilty, Lawyers and some Landowners.


In the 19th century up to 30% of the population of Ireland was Protestant. It is unfortunate that Ireland unlike The Netherlands and Germany was unable to resolve religious difference.


From the early 19th century many members of the West Cork Landlord families settle in Australia the prospects at home being grim.

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