West Cork History


Coolnahorna (part of Upper Clashadoo/Gearhameen):


Carrigín Coolnahorna, Rossmore, Durrus, West Cork, a hint of Pre-famine Agriculture and other Incorporeal Hereditaments.

There is a rock on Mannions Island opposite Rossmore townland known as Carrigín Coolnahorna. It is so called as it marked the spot where farmers from Coolnahorna, in particular the O’Sullivan (late Con O’Sullivan) were entitled to take seaweed. Coolnahortna is not an official townland, it is in the North of Clashadoo upland on poor land. It was densely populated as evidenced by the addresses given in the Muintervara Catholic Church Birth Records 1818-1847, pre famine, now it is mostly used for sheep farming even the remains of the little cabins are gone.

Coolnahorna was not unique, other townlands had traditional entitlements to draw seaweeed from the shore, presumably individual farms has designated areas within that.

The use of seaweed and sea sand in the Peninsulas of West…

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