Middle Temple one of the four London Law Schools. These entries capture the British Empire at it height. There are quite a number of Irish and Cork entries.

There are a number of Japanese entries. Presumably this coincides with the modernisation of Japan. Unlike India or Pakistan it was not colonised they had the misfortune to be looted by the tis East India Company and after them the British

The sons of the ancient Gaelic Families

1904 Robert Travers, Queens College Galway. Kings Inns, Middle Temple 1878, Barrister, 1901 Judges Registrar, Dublin Timoleague, executor of Robert Augustus Travers, 1878 Clerk in Probate Court, Dublin, died 1904 probate £8,331 1910 living Dublin wife English 2 servant probably returned to home place Timoleague shortly after.

1926, Dick Hennessy, King’s Counsel, Bencher 1913, County Court Judge Waterford 1919.

1876, 1891, 1899 Richard Martin (Dick/RM) Hennessy TCD Middle Temple, 1876, Bencher 1913, County Court Judge Waterford 1913. Ballindeasig House, Kinsale, 2nd son of John Chrysostom Hennessy. 1899 instructed by McCarthy, Bandon in election case for applicants allegation of bribery.At inaugural meeting Solicitors Apprentices Debating Society. Family probably had an estate. 1891 address Lower Baggot St., Dublin executor of fathers estate £14,427. 1926 died at residence 6 York Terrace, Cork Substantial buildings are marked at the site of Ballindeasig House on the first Ordnance Survey map and at the time of Griffith’s Valuation the house valued at £18 was occupied and held by Richard Kenefick in fee. Ballindeasig was conveyed to John C. Hennessy by Richard Kenefick in 1853. It was the home of Michael Hennessy in the late 19th century and was left by Miss Minnie Hennessy to Bishop Cohalan of Cork in 1937. The house was then converted into a holiday home for the Sisters of Mercy Order. Now known as Tabor Lodge it is a centre for the treatment of substance abuse