1813-1879,1835, 1847 Timothy McCarthy Downing “Apprenticed to F.H. Downing, Kenmare. Solicitor in Skibbeeen 1836. , MP. His parents were Eugene and Nellie. Eugene was from Kenmare and Nellie hailed from Kilfadamore ? Back in 1876 Timothy proposed to change the name of Skibbereen to Illenmore or Illentown, which was voted down. ” Skibbereen 1847 distress meeting. as Clover Hill. Addressed meeting 1848 in Skibbereen to celebrate Liberation of William Smith O’brien. Seeking equality of endowment in Catholic education Prospect House 1859. REntal income from his estates £2,000. From around Kenmare and brother of Roger Downing, Merchant, Bantry alos active in Repeal Told O’Donovan Ross he was a ’48’ man he had a cherished possession a green cap the 48 men had when they were on the run and he would have been the first to handle a pike if he thought it would be of any use but not with England’s Army and Navy.. “Downing McCarthy, (M.P. for Co. Cork) ; second son of Eugene Downing, Esq, of Kenmare, co. Kerry b. 1814 ; m. 1837. Is a J.P. and D.L. of co. Cork. First elected, 1868. Res.—Prospect House, Skibbereen, co. Cork; Reform Club, S. W.

1879, Timothy McCarthy Downing, b 1813, Skibbereen (born Kerry), MP. Landlord, Solicitor,