1931 Funeral of Tim Healy, Bantry Born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State. Genealogy (by John T. Collins 1944) of O’Healys/Healys/Hely from 5th Century, Patron Saint of Family St. Lachtin died 622 AD.

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1931 Funeral of Tim Healy, Bantry Born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of Irish Free State.  It also included a 1944 article on the genealogy of the O’Healy/Healy/Hely family by West Cork historian John, T .Collins.

Tim Healy’s life  has been covered extensively.  His funeral was  a quiet family affair but this death triggered huge newspaper coverage of his extraordinary life and career, sometimes warts and all.  This is a selection.

Funeral and obituary speech at Trinity College, Nephew Kevin O’Higgins, Assassinated Minister for Justice 1927. The Earl of Granard, Master of Horse, represented the King of the United Kingdom, p.3

Dublin Letter, Belfast Newsletter, Dozens of Cartoons by Harry Furness, Enthusiastic Motorist, p.11, 45

Death of Two of the Greatest Irish Lawyers in one Week, Tim Healy and Lord Glenavy, p.15

Healy Pass, p.20

Master of Irony, Filled Office of Governor with Dignity Tact and Ability, p.22

Influence of Joe Biggar, Belfast M.P., High Opinion of Lord Wyndeham, great grandson of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. His Land Act Liberated Irish tenants.  Intimate Friendship with Lord Birkenhead, p. 32 

Judge Sir  Dunbar Plunket Barton, reference to the Uganda `speech 1902, p.35, 37, 43

Passing of Two Great Irish Lawyers in One Week, Lord Glenavy and Tim Healy, p.48

Cumann na nGaedheal Cork, Telegram of Sympathy from Ramsay McDonald, British Prime Minister, p.52

Monaghan Election 1883, p.56

Tim Healy’s Will 1931, Estate £18,887.   Orpen Portrait.  The value of his estate was  £18,777.  The salary of the Governor General was £10,000.  In the 1930s the average  industrial wage was about €3 a week.  Around this period de Valea famously said  ‘No man is with more than £10,000 a year, p.57, 60

Author of Legal Story, ‘Stolen Waters’, p. 62

Cork Harbour Board Sympathy, p.63

Better to be on A Brake in Bantry then on the Bend in Rathmines, p. 63

Tribute from Drogheda Independent’ A corrosive Tongue when Engaged in a tussle with a Saxon Enemy’, p.64

Photograph. Tribute to Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith 1923, Two Fundraising Trips to USA, 1928 Treasurer of the Honourable Society of Grey’s Inns, p. 66, 72

Tributes from Three Former Chief Secretaries for Ireland, Lord Merrivale, Edward Shortt, K.C., Lord Greenway, p. 84

Tributes from Manchester Guardian, Daily Mail, Daily Sketch, Morning Post, Daily Herald, News Chronicle, Daily Telegraph, p. 85

Tributes from the Bench in Dublin, p. 91

Every Catholic Understands the Kyrie Elieson, p. 93

1916 Lord Beaverbrook to Tim Healy, Is there a Rising in Ireland? When Did it Begin?  When Strongbow came to Ireland.   When Will it End?  When Cromwell is Released from Hell, p. 94, 95

Belfast Obituary including Tribute by Lod Birkenhead ,  1906 He attracted attention by a brilliant maiden speech, “I warn the Government…” After this speech, Tim Healy, the Irish Nationalist, a master of parliamentary invective, sent Smith a note, “I am old, and you are young, but you have beaten me at my own game.”  Visit 1930 to Belfast City Hall with Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, p. 96

Tribute from Bantry.  Financed Memorial to Famine Pits,  Abbey Graveyard, Bantry, p.103

Flags at Government Building at Half Mast, Message of Sympathy from King Geoge V of the UK on the Death of a Statesman, Tribute at Ennis Circuit Court, p.105

Summary of Life, Works, p.110

Death 1983 in Cobh, Co. Cork of Miss Mary Swanton of an old Ballydehob Family, father member of Bantry Band  with Tim Healy, p.109

1885, House of Commons, London, A Lash of Tim Healy’s, MP,  Tongue, The Earl of Bantry Off Chasing Kangaroos in Australia instead of Sitting on Cork Lunacy Board and Non Attending Board  Member,  90 Year old Earl of Mount Cashel, p.111

At the fireplace in the Anchor Hotel Bantry, the Future Governor General Tim Healy (1855-1931) with  friends asked as a parting gift that ‘something be done about the path from Adrigole to Lauragh now the Healy Pass,  p.115

Tim Healy’s grandfather, p. 115

1901 Census Return, p.116

Article 60 of the Constitution of the Irish Free State Establishing Office of Governor General salary of £10,000 per annum, p.117

Irish Passport 1926 Preamble.  Deirimidne Tadhg Ó hEaliuthe, duine de chonnadra a Sheillar, Seanaschcal Shaorstáit Eireann, in ainm a Shoilte Buichtaini , a iarraidh agus a uleamh ar gach n aon lena mbainana leigiat don toealbhóir dul ar aghadih gan bao gan cosc agus gach cuineamh agus caomhas is gadh di thabhairt.                      

We Timothy Healy, Esquire, one of His Majesty’s Counsel. Governor General of the Irish Free State, Request and require, in the name of His Britannic Majesty, all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford  every assistance and protection of which may stand in need, p.117


A Bronze Shrine (Miseacht) containing the hand of St. Lachtin, Patron of the O’Healy Clan was in the possession of Tim Healy’s family, O’Healy Genealogy.  Connection to John Hely-Hutchinson, (1724-1794),  p. 118


Sergeant Alexander Martin Sullivan, defending Roger Casement, on his grave in Glasnevin he is ‘The last Sergeant of The Kingdom of Ireland’. Celebrated Painting Shows Charles Gavan Duffy, Instructing Solicitors, female Relation Attend Court by Special Permission, A First on Attorneys Bench. Constitutional Conundrum does The Kingdom of Ireland Still Exist?


1885, House of Commons, London, A Lash of Tim Healy’s , MP, Tongue, The Earl of Bantry Off Chasing Kangaroos in Australia instead of Sitting on Cork Lunacy Board and Non Attending Board Member 90 Year old Earl of Mount Cashel.



Leading 1937 case on Irish libel law, Sinclair v Gogarty, Samuel Beckett’s affidavit, Arthur Cox, Aidan Higgins memories of Gogarty, Con Curran, Justice Kenneth Reddin bringing Olhausen Black pudding to Joyce in Paris, Patrick Kavanagh trial, Chief Justice Hugh Kennedy, Tim Healy Governor General, Denis Johnson, Lady Glenavy.


Recollections of James Stanley Vickery as a grandchild in Molloch, Parish of Durrus, Bantry (1829-1911), House c 1740-70 and Probably Prior House in ruins Pre-1740, Teacher Healy, Bantry, probably Grandfather of Tim Healy, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of the Irish Free State, Grandfather’s 2 Day Wake with Professional Keener.