Proposal by Thomas Downes, Solicitor, Skibbereen that West Cork Be Made A Separate County with its Own Assize Town, Grand Jury. It Had Every Type of Industry, Teeming Seas, Mines and Minerals

1886-1910, 1869, 1876, 1884 Thomas Downes Solicitor, North St. “Born son Thomas Mitchelstown, Castleknock College, Gold Medalist, partner with McCarthy Downing MP 1870, land agent to Wrixon-Beecher, Local bodies and railways. Subscriber (3 copies) Dr. Daniel Donovan ‘History of Carbery, 1876. Probably advanced money 1888 and secured mortgage to Whites (Lord Bantry). Paddy O’Keeffe 1894 assistant John James Carmody. 1876 Andrew Collins. ” “Married 1876, Teresa d late Charles O’Connell, RM, Bantry, and first Catholic MP for Kerry whose wife was the 2nd daughter of Daniel O’Connell. subscriber Zenith Marine Disaster, Baltimore, 1895. 1877. Opening Skibbereen Railway T. Downes J. E. Marshall Prominent in Carbery Agricultural Show.” Died 1904, probate to widow Theresa and Daniel O’Connell Esq Agent Bank of Ireland Effects £10,676 5s 6d

This was at the dinner for the judges of the West Carbery Agricultural Society of which Mr. Downes was a founder member.