West Cork History

Goleen</aGoleen /Kilmoe Compiled by Constables Gleeson and Richard Aldwell Goleen, May 1853
(PRO) T 91/142aIrish Reproductive Loans Fund Records. County: Cork. Townland: Dunboy1848 to 1854format: Text – contains: 445 subrecords
(PRO) T 91/142a/0426Irish Reproductive Loans Fund Records. County: Cork. Townland: Goleen1848 to 1854format: Text – see also: related subrecords




Mick Brown Not there 1853

Nat Lannin Not there 1853

Mick Sheehan Small farmer went to England 1847

Robt. Newman In fair circumstances farmer

John Hegatty Small farmer in fair circumstances also carter

John Whitley A farmer with a shop in Skull in fair circumstances

Henry or Harry Whitley Doing well as a farmer

Thade Base? Working occasionally as a labourer for hire

Will Green Comfortable farmer

Richard Newman Not there 1853

Wm. Barry Labourer with 3 acres of land went to England 1848

James Barry John Barry and Tom Bennett both Ardnamanagh Not there 1853

Denis Driscoll…

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