Full Pamphlet:




Bandon Freeman Meeting December 1753.

Chairman, William Litten, late writing master now dram seller,  (teacher, Protestant South side Bandon river 1733, deed)

Thomas Tremoy?, weaver and miller

Daniel Sweeney, the younger, barber, comber and ale draper

William Brown, joiner

John Brown, barber

John Burchall, butcher

Nicholas Merry, ale draper

Richard Savage, malster and shopkeeper

Edward Cotter, shopkeeper, may be related to later legal family.

John Boisseau, apothecary, probably Huguenot.

Francis Allman, weaver

Joseph Thomas shopkeeper

Robert Morris, Man of the House

James Kell, Comber and Draper

Thomas Morgan, snuff seller

John Holland, weaver

Thomas Holland, weaver and malster

Ralph Clear, Senior, comber

Ralph Clear, Junior, comber,

Jeremiah (Jerry)  Biggs, comber and weaver

George Harris, Presser

John Aldworth, comber

Robert Williams, weaver

John Morris, weaver

David Hunter, blue-dyer

James Gilman, attorney

James Hawes, weaver and shopkeeper

Samuel Milner, clothier

Richard Dowden, the younger, linen weaver

William Spratt, master and shopkeeper

William Popham, comber

After gather and prior to dining

Alleyn Carthy, proctor and tithe gather and

Rev. Dr. St. John Browne

As old Freemen hoped to be allowed join the Company.

After dinner

Toasts to

Liberty and Property

Lord Kildare

The Speaker

Sir Richard Cox

Sir John Freke