Finances of Cork Magistrates.


A snapshot of  financial information. Some probables, marriage settlements, rent rolls.  It is difficult to give old probate information due to the destruction of the Public Records Office in 1922. It is probable that among the 8 million documents of the Land Commission Records in a warehouse in Portlaoise that the public are not allowed see would throw more light on this subject.


In West Cork some of the smaller landlords we virtually destitute from the 1790s and frequently raised mortgages and rent charges from wealthy local Catholic and Protestant merchants and  large tenant farmers. Some of these transactions can be tracked at the Registry of Deeds Projects:

For the general Durrus/Schull/Bantry area search by Evanson, Blair, Hutchinson. From the 1790s the Beecher Estate once around 40,000 aces in Skibbereen/Mizen was sorting out its financial difficulty by giving families such as the Swantons of Ballydehob and  Jagoes of Dunmanway long leaseds for a once off fixed capital sum.  By 1850s the Estate was only receiving a quarter of the market rent.  Even the larger Estates such as White of Bantry were about to appoint receivers in the 1830s. The Bandon Estate was in effect owned by the 1890s by its agents the Wheeler Dohertys of Bandon solicitors and land agents through a series of mortgages.




Cork Magistrates Finances



Cork Magistrates, often in the earlier periods landlords:

Cork Magistrates Finances