1805-1818, Fragments of Dunderow Church Records, Rector 1815-1839, Rev. Morgan O’Donovan, Chieftain of The O’Donovan of Clancahill.

He assumed the title on the death of Lieutenant General Richard O’Donovan of Bawnlahan, Leap.  This did find universal approval wit the extended family as evidenced by the papers of Dr. John O’Donovan (Rev.Grave Papers), Royal Irish Academy.



Tgs is an atile by Robert day, Cork businessman and antiquarian.

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Robert Day, (1836-1914), 1889 City,  Myrtle Hill House, Cork, son of Robert, merchant, ed Hamblins and Dr Porters, Cork, m Rebecca eldest daughter of Robert Scott, J.P., Sydney Ville, Managing Director Robert Scott and Co, Hardware, Day and Co Saddlers, Corks leading antiquary, 11 children.  Probate to John Day, Merchant, 1914, £46,271. Member The Cork Cuvierian Society, writing in 1904 (11) enables the reader to visualize the scenario during the Society’s meetings in a pen picture which reads:

Its monthly meetings for a period of sixty years were held on the first Wednesday of the Autumn and Winter months in the Library of the Royal Cork Institution where the chairs on each side of the long central table were occupied by members many of whose names will be associated with the most highly cultured and learned life of Cork during the nineteenth century.

Freemason Lodge No.  1871. After his death his enormous collection of antiquities was auctioned and acquired among other by William Randolph Hearst and the British Museum. Son John married Susannah d Edwin Pim, J.P., son Richard Welstead m Kathleen d James Ledlie, J.P..

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Records of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. D. 12
112 96 (-14%)
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Records of the Dioceses of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. D. 12