1695, Kinsale area Rent Roll of Edward Southwell, Esq., M.P.

From Richard Caulfield’s Kinsale Council Book, p. 393 in book

1604, Maurice Ronan, Rent Roll

Page 391



The verye trywe copie of Morys Ronan’s Rentayel concerning his landes and tenements in Kynsale, copied and exemplified by me, Syr Davye Drosycoll, of Kynsale, Notarie publicke, worde by worde. James Cornishe is house in Fischer’s strete. Richarde Hwollawan his house in Fischer’s strete. James Pierode his house that John Gallwey boghte iis. by the yere. Richarde Copner’s house in Ficher strete. George’s house in Fischer strete iiiis. by the yere. Niclas Harbane his place abow and benede iis. iiiid. in the yere. 392 APPENDIX H. Teige Moylan’s his house bened, xxcl. by the yere. John White’s house that Davy Sheyn hath, and Philipp Gyanan holds, iiiid. by the yere. Margaret Gyanan his house that Chemet Tryalle holds, iis. by the yere. The litell seller by tux that and Katerine Glassau’s house, iiiid. by the yere. Kateryne Glassane’s house and Davy Cheyn’s house abow and benede, iis. iiiid. a yere. Katyne Cornishe’s house, xiid. by the yere, and the house myne in morgage. Davy Cursye’s house abow xiid. by the yere. John 0 Muruchu and Theige 0 Muryhy his house abow and benede, iis. by the yere . . Pyrodes Hyll and the longe house benede it. The voide place between J owan Broyn’s house and Patricke Gallwey’s soller. Grany his house, and the tache house bynorde that, iis. of chifry by the yere and the freehold myne. The two voyde meyses bysude that. Half a garden in the nyw dytche, xiid. by the yere and the fryeholde myne. J erlyhy Fischer by neude Katheryn Donyll, xld. by the yere and the freehold myn. Archedekenn Cursye’s house in Fischer strete abow, iis. by the yere. Mayster Cornische’s hOllse that Nicolas Wente had, iis. iiiid. by the yere and the frehold myne. The litell parke w’honte the nyew dytche. Eight Ryggs of ground in Patricke Galwey’s garden, viiicl. by the yere. The two sclate housen in the churchyard. Upon the parsonage, iiiid. by the yere. James Barry in Fryer’s strete, iiiis. by the yere. Cohyze his hous in Fryre strete, xId, by the yere. Edmunde Dowf Cursye’s hous, xiid. by the yere. John Byrrye’s hOllS that Niclrts Maknyedy had, xxiicl. by the yere. William Kehirnye’s house, iiiis. iicl. by the yere .. Davy Lahyznane’s shope, vs. by the yere. Jowann Lahyznen her house next the crosse, viis. viiid. by the yere. Inyspillan’s honse, iiiid. by the Jere. Cohyze’s grettre house east and weast. Kateryn Mehigane’s house, iis. by the yere. Mohyr Myowlyane and Ihrry White for a garden, xliiiid. by the yere. Harry White’s parke and a spiute of ground, xld. by the yere. Richard Copner’s hOllse by skot hys. Thome Lyone his tavern e. The nyew hOllS by Loddye’s castell and Loddye’s castell. And the lytell voyde place by yst that. I Moris Ronayne hav in J”uly 160,1 sett a house and garden in Frier’s streete to Phillipp Wirlin~, taIlor, and to his Iwires for ever, paying yerly xlLl. st. current money of and in England at Michmlru as (1l1d Ester, and if said rent be behincIe for three tearmes, it shall be lawful for me ancI to reinter.






RENT ROLL OF EDWARD SOUTHWELL, ESQ., M.P., HALF YEAR, 29 SEP., 1695. Sent by Barbara Baufield (widow of the late Mr. James B., Sir R. S. steward). (Brit. Mus., Add. 9714.) LIBERTIES OF KINSALE. Tenants’ names.—John Coleman. for Lisseahanbegg, 7li. lOs. Prehane lands, 18li. Oliver Pluncket, for Garra, 6li. Robert Browne, for Knockduffe, 1li. lOs. Robert Browne, for Southwaters, 7li. lOs. Robert Browne, for Slaveene, 4li. lOs. Rob’. Browne, for Glaunbegg and Knockanabohilly, Sli. Cap’. Mountford, for Trooper’s close, 2li. John Coleman, for Ranalickeene, 3li. 5s. John Bickford, for Gough’s Parke, 4li. Cap’. Meade, for Tigsaxon-beg, 8li. 15s. Benj. Hill, for his holdings, 30li Total, 1071i. COURSEYS AND KENELEA, do.-Mr. Ballard, 43li. 9s. Edw. Newman, 28li. lIs. 3d. Edw. Riggs and Jane Banfield, 15li. John Walton, 9li. 6s. 3d. Roger Haughton, l11i. Is. Widow Leayne, 10l’i. 17 s. 6d. James Gardy, 9li. 6s. 9d. Total, 127li. lIs. 9d. ‘RINCORRL\N, do.-\Vill. Deames, a house and garden, 16s. 3d. Teige Fowlue, a garden, 5s. Danl . Griffa, a house and garden, 12s. 6d. Kath. Phillip, do., lOs. Danl . Buy, do., 16s. 3d. Teige Buy, do., 16s. John Roche, a garden, 7s. 6d. Dermod MCDonogh, a house and garden, 12s. 6d. Charles Croly, do., 158. John Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Cornelius Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Derby Greana, do., lIs. 3d. Patrick Fowler, do., lIs. 3d. Teige Cahane, do., 12s. 6d. John Scannell, do., lOs. Redmond Burroge, do., lOs. John Kernean, do., Ss. 9d. John Murhill, do., lOs. Teige Carty, a house, 5s. Total, 10li. 12s. 3d. RAMoRE, do.-Derby Murphy, now Denis Keeffe, a house ancl garilen, 12s. 6d. Danl • Carty, do., 12s. 6d. Teige Murphy, do., lIs. 3d. Teige MlIrhill, do., l Os. Total, 2li. 6s. 3d. ARDllRACKE, do.-John Barry, 15s. Jeffery Wild, lli. 2s. 9el. Denis Donovan, a house and garden, lOs. John Gerald, do., 16s. 3d. Denis Carty, do., lOs. Danl • Connoe, lOs. John Carty, do., lOs. Widow Moores’ holding, lli. Derby Carty, a house and garden, lOs. Kath. Brin and J oane Roch, a garden, 1 Os. John Anders and Humphry Carty, do., lOs. Joane Fling, a cabin and garden, lOs. Rob’. Andrews, do. and small garden, 7s. 6el. Derby Conoe, elo., 7s. 6d. Total, Sli. 9s. KINSALE, do.-Corke Street, Oliver Pluncket, sadl er, 12g. Oliver Plllncket, ruercht., 2li. John Matthews, lli. 18. Sir Richaru Cox, crown rent, 68. MARKET KEY, elo.-Will. Mullane, 5s. Danl . MCAulife, 5s. Mary Rohane, 58. HIGH FISHER STREET.·-Councillor Suxbery, 5li. ~. 6d. Barth. Ashwicke, 3li. Eliz. Chisman, 2li. Adam Jessop, lli. lIs. 9d. John Pegg, 2li. wm. Howard, 4li. 38. 6d. James Dixon, 2li. 12s. 9d. Arthur Keeffe, 2li. 9s. 6d. Malt-house, Ald. Hoare, Paule French used for timber, &c., Smaledridge and English, 2li. 148. 3d. Nich. Gerrald, 3li. 38. John Blunt, 4li. 35. 6d. Gookin’s house waste, 50 ~ ‘— 301· APPENDIX IT. 7li. lOs. Mr. Yeflmon~, l li. lIs. GcZ. Total, 39li. S8. :Jd. Gookin, 7li. lOs. 46li. ISs. 3cl. do. Low FISHEH STREET, do.-Mr. Swettnam, 2li. lIs. gcZ. Abigail Lightfoot, 2li. 7s. 9cZ. Mr. Burrowe’s, Fenene Donovan, for part of Mr. Burrowe’s house, 2li. l Os. John Percivall, 3li. 3s. 6el. Will. Harris, 2li. Anti Whitewood, 13s. J ohn Danger, 2li. os. Geo. Piggott, 10li. Ss. 2cZ. Mr. Clarke, Bell J(I’Y, 5li. 4s. Jane Coghl ane, 2li. Jane Tremeal’l1e, lOs. Widow Hoskins, 3li. l Os. Crane Key and cellars waste. John Richardson, l li. lOs. Richd • Millner, 2li. John Rawlins, 2li. John Poore, 2li. 3 MARRINER’S LANE, do.-One house set to 3 people, lli. 15s. Ralph Blithman, 2li. Rose Poore, lOs. Margt. Grady, lOs. wm. Keeffe, a cellar and garden, lli. 15s. Widow Rawlins, lOs. Morgan Driskoll, 12s. 6cZ. Tho. Bourke, 12s. 6el. Capt. Elwell, 5li. Rob. French, part of Magazine, 2li. lOs. Part of Magazine waste. Mr. Snelling, custom house and its cellars, Sli. Long loft waste. Mr. Smaldridge, dwelling house, 4li. 3s. 6d. WOTlT,n’s EI’D, do.-Mnry Norwood, 3li. lOs. Patrick Ruth, lli. Mr. Williams, 2li.. Jer. Courtny, 3li. l Os. Ezekiel Davis, 2li. Ss. T~el. J oane LoatheI’, waste. Phillip Solomon, also Barnt, 13s. 9el. Ann Fackman, 15s. 10el. Tho. Matthewes, lli. 6s. 10tel. Henry Hooper, now Davis, 13s. 4!cZ. Richd • Mably, sen., lli. lIs. 6el. Rob. French. lIs. 9d. Tho. Newell, 9s. Wm. Bowler, lli. lIs. Richd • Mably, jun., 15s. Geo. Blake, 21i. Hugh Rosser, lli. 12s. 3d. Eliz. Emery, lli. 7 S. 1 ~d. Rich. Chard for Benj. Adams, lIs. 9d. Will. Weekes, 2li. 2s. 6d. Tomsen Madox, lli. 2s. 1 ~el. J ane Barnett, Os. 6d. Tho. Kaynes, lIs. 9d. John Smaldridge, lIs. 10lel. Henry Joanes, waste. Total, 31li. Is. Std. COMPASS HILL.- Will. Helton, for the orchard, 31i. J ane Burrowes, Hi. 3s: 6d. Widow MCTeige, 58. Tho. Burrowes, meadow, 41i. 2s. Walter Moarly, 16s. 10td. Arthur Keeffe, a meadow by weir, 3li. 5s. Denis Collins, 6s. Danl . MCAulife,5s. Derby Mahune, a garden, 5s. Charles Martin, do., lOs. John Winter, do., 7s. 6el. Derby Mally, on the rampier, 6s. Teige Keeffe, a garden, 4s. Total, 14li. 15s. lotd. CILLY.-Will. Coningeime, 1li. lOs. Anth. Woolwicke, lOs. John Blake, lli. 6d. Rob. Williams, lli. 6s. 7d. J ohn Neewel, harelip, 13s. 3d. John Madox, lOs. 2!d. Derby Driscoll and John Turner, lli. Is. Gel. Tho. Lacey, I Ss. 5d. Tho. Leamon, 13s.4d. Francis Masey, lIs. 3d. J ames Hayes, 16s. 4td. John Whitford, lOs. 3d. Robt. Roch, 12s. 3d. John Enagh, lli. Is. 6d. John Carey, lIs. 3d. Widow French, 16s. 4!d. Tho. Cripps, 14s. 4td. John Keane, 9s. 2d. Richd • Roch, 6s. l td. J ohn Murphy, 7s. Edw. Carey, 12s. 3d. Mary Lacey, lli. Is. 6d. J ames Roch, 12s. 3d. J ohn Newel, sen., 13s. 2~d. Will. Vron, l li. Is. 6d. Richd • Hicks, lOs. 10 el. Sarah Witheyes, 15s. Edw. Edwards, Ss. Sd. Luke Grifl’en, 19s. 5d. Ann Richards, lIs. 3d. Widow French, 78. ltd. Charles Coghlane, lIs. 3d. Denis Griffen, Ss. 2el. Thymothy Dorgan, 7s. l id. Steph. Witheyes, 9s. 2d. Thy. Bryan, 6s. l td. Arthur Nepkin, lli. 68. 7t d. Will. Collins, lli. 2s. Rob. Fullard, 78. 2d. Francis Witheyes, now Simon Waters, S8. Corn. Sheehane, 15s. 6d. Widow Flemen, 48. John Goula, now Aulife Montane, 58. John Crowly, 78. 6d. Kath. Tumod,48. John Reagane, 78. Agnes Kearnes, 48. Mary Daniel, 4s. Total, 30li. 98. 5d. Total entire, 451li. 16s. 2d. APPENDIX H . 395 14 Sep., l695.-Kilnclony. Edwd. Newman to Edwd • Southwell, Esq., M.P. Account of the King’s lands in the bar. of Courceyand Cantred of Kilbrittain, formerly the Duke of York’s. Present tenants to the King.-Ballimeredigh: Mr. Edw. Browne, val. l 5li. yearly, do. for a term, 20li. Coolbane: Mr. John Galwey, tenant to the King. Ballyncurrigh : Joseph Bullin, 30li. do. and 40li.” Kilgobbin and Ballinscubbig : Epinetus Cross, Esq., SOli. do. and lOOli. Farren MCRickerd, Knock-ni-Hylon, Lackin a Croockog, the Castle, hf. pld.; Tenant on premises, the widow Trisillian. Killaneety: Mr. Edw. Brown, lOli. do. and 15 do. Ballyntemple and Aghaduton, bar. of Iton: Mr. Tho. Gookin, 20li. do. and 25li. do. Curraleigh and Currabeagh, bar. of Barrets: Warham St. Leger, 2Sli. do. and 40li. Garrone Reagh : Mr. Jonas Stawell, 20li. do. and 25li. Knock-n-Copple: Mr. Henry Clungeon, 20li. do. and 25li.