1827 Election, John Hely Hutchinson, Esq., Gerard Callaghan, Esq., List of Voters including West Cork Freemen of Cork.

John Hely Hutchinson was the son of John Hely, the Hutchinson was added to enable an inheritance of his wife to come good. He was a man of humble origin from Donoghmore, Co. Cork but amazing ability.  At some stage the family converted to the Church of Ireland.  Later provost of Trinity College, Dublin against the wishes of the Fellows. A Placeman of the British interest but grasping.  Said of him ‘if you gave John, Ireland, England and Wales, he would come back and look for the Isle of Man for a Potato garden’



Tim Healy, Bantry born, M.P., Barrister, Governor General of the Irish  Free State was the grandson of a teacher Healy from Donoughmore.  Probably the same line they share certain trains ultimate pragmatism. barristers, an instinct for the winning prize.




West Cork Freemen:


West Cork Freemen of Cork