A list of the church wardens that served in the Church of Ireland parish of Drimoleague (‘Dromaleague’ or ‘Dromdaleague’); 1782 to 1870. Between 1727 and 1818, the parish was united with that of Caheragh and earlier entries contain one church warden from each.

A transcript of the Vestry Book can be found on the Fanlobbus Union genealogy page (thank you, Eunice Jeffers!).

Page Year Name Address
2 1782 John Taylor Keelskohonagh, Dromdaleague
Thomas Ross Cooragannif, Caharah
7 1783 Thomas Evans Maulneskehah, Dromdaleague
Thomas Baldwin Mount Musick, Caharah
11 1784 William Evans Senr. Lissangle, Caharagh
Luke Taylor Killskohonagh, Drimoleague
23 1785 Nathaniel Skuse Butler’s Gift, Dromaleague, farmer
John Ross Cooraganniff, Caharah, farmer
27 1786 Paul Kingston Gurteenehir, Dromaleague
Richard Goggin Derreeny, Caharah
31 1787 Jordan Lambert Towneeagh, Dromaleague, farmer
Timothy McCarthy Meanvugh, Caharah
37 1788 Edward Nagle Tonson’s town, Drimoleague, farmer
Thomas Wood Derreeny…

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