1808.  Letting of 200 acres Plantation Measure at Inishbeggeleary, Lands of Bishoprick of Ross, Part of Manor of Aughadown, Skibbereen.


May be Inis Beg almost an island off Skibbereen/Baltimore Road near Creagh Church.  The Landlord, Erwin,  is not a local.

Have not come across land of bishop of Ross before.  The Library of St. Finbarr’s Cathedral has rentals from the 18th century of extensive lands interests at Letterlickey, Durrus, Ballydehob, Schull, Donemark, Bantry, an other ares now in the RCB Library, Dublin.



Type of deed Date of current deed 10 May 1806 Vol Page Memorial
Rent Charge Date of earlier deed 573 535 392897
No Role(s) in earlier deed(s) Role in current deed(s) Family name Forename Place Occ or title A
A P1 ERWIN Burros of Highfield, Barony of W Carbery, Co Cork Gent
B P2 SWANTON William of Ballydehob, Co Cork A
C WD WM SWANTON John of Ballydehob, Co Cork Clerk A
D WD WM MAHONY James of Bridgetown, Co Cork Gent A
Abstract A granted B a rent charge out of the 2 plowlands of Inishbeggaleary, Manor of Aughadown.
MS Date registered 13 May 1806 Date abstract added 20180213

Abstract made by: RonPrice

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