West Cork History


1702, Deed from Rev. John Patrickson, Chantor of Cloyne (Dunmanway Patricksons ancestors of Durrus Blairs) to Sir Richard Cox, Chief Justice of Ireland, of Lands at Dunmanway and Kilbarry, Coolsnagh, Coomshiplogh, Inchiragh, Derrynacahreagh, Cloontiuirk, Dereens, Tonetove, Derrylahan, Mills and Tolls, Park, Castle, Malthouse,  bounded by Derrenasabagh, Gortnavan. Founding Deed of Dunmanway Names John Clay, John Turk, Thomas White, Mathew Rhems, William Short, John Farr, George Lantry, John Lumsie, George Stuke, Richard Nott, William Sisk, Thomas Roche, James Grace, William Smith George Moore Bounded by the Lanes of Mahonoh .

It is difficult to identify all the townlands and people’s names from the deed.  Some adjustment to the modern format is made.In the National Library in perfect condition on parchment.

The Dunmanway Patricksons are associated with the Blairs. Whites (later of Whiddy, Bantry), Fenwicks, Davies.  For some Blair Genealogy:

The Rev.John Patrickson is listed as a Magistrate 1695, 1716 at…

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