1729.  Daniel O’Donovan, ‘The O’Donovan’, Bawnlahan, Skibbereen, West Cork, Renounced Popery, under Penal Laws, 8 Years after his First Marriage to Miss Kearney of Garretstown House, he later married Jane Becher aged 16, from Rolls Office Records Destroyed 1922 and other O’Donovan Renunciations.


In relation to the Kearneys they had the nomination of a minister to a local parish.  When around 1820 one of their descendants Rochford converted to Catholicism it caused chaos in the Church of Ireland. It may have been necessary to pass an Act of Parliament to resolve the issue.






Cornelius Donovan 1769 Kilnagross (Clonakilty) Public recantation with Tim Collins and Tim Sullivan Dr. Casey, Vol t John T Collins newspaper references Public Recantation not clear if it is the same as above alos on same day Denis, Hallsey
Denis Donovan 1778 Parish Drodaleague (Drimoleague)
Mary Donovan see Mary Ronayne 1733 Wife to Morgan Donovan, Pouthole, C. Cork The succesors of Montpelier possibly Ronayne’s Court laid claim to the Chieftanship of the O’Donovans, Rev. Morgan O’Donovan made available his collection of deeds going back to the 16th century to Dr. John O’Donovan researchig the O’Driscolls. On April 29th, 1733, Mary Ronayne “recanted” in the parish
church of Marmullane, Thomas Somerville, curate, being
witness.2 The “Convert Rolls,” Egerton MSS., No. 77, British
Museum, give: “Mary Ronayne, Diocese of Corke, spinster,
‘conformed’ on 29th April, 1733.”
This branch of the O’Donovans later claimed the Chieftamcy
Mary Donovan see Mary Ronayne
Bartholomew Donovane, Gent 1709 Son of Daniel Donovane, Co. Corke
Daniel O’Donovan, Gent. 1729, recorded Rolls Office 1724. Banlaghan/Banelehane, (Myross, Skibbereen) Co. Cork Son of Richard and daugther of the Knight of Kerry. ‘The O’Donovan’ the head of the Clan who in his 60s married firstly Miss Anne Kearney, Garretstown, for the second time Jane Beecher aged 15/6 and had a second large family. He renamed the Estate Castle Jane. Renounciation after first marriage andThe Kearneys of Garretstown House alos renounced relations the Franks, Rochfords. 49 years before his death. His grandson Liutenant General Richard O’Donovan, married Miss Powell from Wales, they had no children the estate passed to her nephew. Th tittle of Chieftaan ‘The O’Donovav’ passed to th Monypelier (Douglas) Cork branch.