Society for the Promotion Education of the Poor 1819, Schools, West Cork

Some West Cork Teachers, only a drop in the ocean gleaned from deeds, church records, directories.

Among the Protestant Teachers, the Hurley family of Kilmeen are allegedly descendants of the Hurleys who built Ballinacarriga Castle near Dunmanway.  Looking at some of the other names it may be that  lines of hedge school masters converted.  It may be because these teacher were known for their mercurial temper and may have fallen out with Parish Priests.

Teachers, West Cork from 1660 and some from Report on Popery 1731

Society for the Promotion Education of the Poor 1819

Sea Lodge: Timothy Daly may be from Dromnea also part of Evanson Estate in Kilcrohane and was location of O’Daly Bardic School.  Ruins of school still extant just of Sheeps Head way from Durrus Court to Gearhameen, not the Sea Lodge on coast

1827Recommended for Gratuity
School NumberLocationTeacherNumbers
706Bantry MaleJ.B. Patterson1828 John Lanktreee, Protestant, recommended Rev. Sadlier1822 John Holmes 18 in 1822 recommended John Smith Esq.
708Inch CillertaneJohn McGivern71Richard McGivern , 1828, 19 recommended Rev James McCheane
709FemaleEliza McGivern
712DrimoleagueDaniel Creane and Caffrey80
FemaleMargaret Creane
715Barrack of SkibbereenRobert Maguire11
716BallydehobMathew Ross, Protestant, 24 in 182273
717LemconRobert Driscoll
718GortnagrochJohn Langtree741822 Florence McCarthy probably Protestant 50 pupils
719WhitehallJohn Sheehan27Samuel Townsend Esq.
720Tullaw BaltimoreMichael Hutchinson58
721CreaghDaniel DonoghueRichard Lannin 33 in 1827 Protestant recommended Rev n Wright
722RooskaThomas Goode (29 in 1822 then in Liscaha)45
723GlandoreJohn Drinan811827 John and Ann Hopkins1822 40 Male 25 Female James Donovan Catholic
FemaleSarah Drinan
725Kilcoe?J Baker
726LisacahaJohn MacCarthy761822 Thomas Good 29
727Island of SherkinDenis McMullan63
728Miltown, RosscarberyG FitzgibbonAlicia Clegg, 19 in 1828 recommended Re m Adams, Protestant
729CorhowJames Donovan ( Catholic 27 in 1821 Recommended bt Rev. John Kenney 1822 in Glandore)H B Beamish Esq.
730AughadownC Webb41
731Clonakeety FreeAnne Carroll 18 Protestant, in 1825 recommended Mrs. BurkeEliza Wynne 18 mentioned 1825 Protestant
732Shannon ValeWilliam Clarke37Mrs Robert Sadlier William Clarke1823 Sunday school receiving free books
No Recommendation of GratuityPatron normally Church of Ireland Clergyman
Rock IslandJames Reilly24
Dunmanway FemaleMiss Tucky, Mary McGivern, 18 in 1825 Protestant57Miss Tuckey and Miss Cox
KilcoeJames Baker 25 in 1823 recommended Rev. J A Jagoe80
Bantry Male30
LemconRobert Driscoll 30, from 1820 Catholic recommended Rev A Evanson79
Sea Lodge (Durrus)Timothy Daly, 27 from 1824, Catholic recommended by Nathaniel Evanson65Patron Nathaniel Evanson Junior (probably in nearly Durrus Court)
Leap Male and FemaleJohn Hailaran65
Leap 1822Cornelius Mahony Catholic 18 in 1818 recommended by Rev. John Kenney80 Male 4 Female
LisnabrinnyJohn O’Driscoll Esq.
Lowertown SchullGeorge Hunt, 19 in 1820 Protestant recommended Rev J A Jago
CastletownCharles Wiltshire
Bere IslandAnn Sullivan
BallydevlinTomas Bryan and Jane Burne? recommended Mrs FlemingMrs Fleming
Timoleague1827 John Lane, 20 in 1826 recommended Re Ferguson60
RaheenJohn Hogan James Hall, James Nash 20 in 1826, recommended Rev W L Beaufort
TemplecarrigyMichael Devonsher
FemaleSarah and Mary 19, in 1828 recommended Rev. Dr Austin Hallinan Catholic Ellen Wilson 19 in 1825 recommended Mr. Poole
MancheMary Brien Protestant 17 in 1828 recommended Rev J McCheene
DrinaghThomas Smyth 24 in 1828 Protestant recommended Rev Edward Staveley
SaurooMichael Carey