Note to the Editor of the Cork Commercial Courier dated the 15th February, 1838:

The Registry commenced here this morning at ten o’clock before Assistant Barrister, Mr. Moody and the members of the Close to Dusk Co. Cork – fifteen liberals, six orange men of Burrow, Bandon and John O’Connell, Esq and others were most indivisible for deliverable interest.  Disappointment was depicted in the countenance of the conservatives in this town – the Derry I might be permitted the designate of the South that their exertions were great indeed to try and defeat the honest frieze quoted from obtaining the franchise.  The tenants of Timothy O’Donovan, Esq of O’Donovan’s Cove, Durrus,  were chiefly those who registered.  Messrs. O’Donovan and Galwey appeared on the part of the liberals and Messrs. Greg and Morgan for the conservatives.  

Yours etc. a Liberal, Bantry, 12th February.