Boole Library, UCC:

4 Nov 1852

Deed of Settlement made between George Evans, 7th Baron Carbery, Castle Freke, Co. Cork, and Harriet Maria Catherine, Baroness Carbery (his wife) in the 1st part, Edmund William Shuldham (her father and Lieutenant General in the East India Company’s service), Dunmanway, Co. Cork, in the 2nd part, and Fenton John Evans Freke (Captain in her Majesty’s Second Regiment of Life Guards), William John Freke (Solicitor), city of Dublin, and Edmund Anderson Shuldham, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, in the 3rd part, listing the trusts and agreements involved in the marriage between Baron Carbery and Harriet Shuldham in August 1852. A later declaration by Baron Carbery and his wife releases Fenton John Evans Freke as one of the Trustees of the settlement. Signed and sealed by only the Baron and Baroness Carbery. A declaration on the reverse of the settlement notes that George Evans, Lord Baron Carbery is “…Deaf and Dum, but being capable of reading”.